Thursday, February 14, 2013

Long time…. I love to be back :-)


Not very much going on in the Quilt Corner these days, but it is improving, and I am happy about that :-)
The neck and shoulders needed a lot of anti inflammatory meds to start working with me again, and I am still on the mend.


One week ago, on Wednesday, a very sad thing happened:
My next door neighbour fell over with heart stop, barely 44 years old.
He was at home with his son, age 10, and the son ran to our house, only 10 meters from their door, and I was the first person on site.
As you know, I am not a physically strong person, but I have had first aid training, and with 113 (the Norwegian 911) on the phone, I performed heart compression.
Sadly, in spite of the young hero age 10, myself, and minutes later the paramedics and the paramedics special team, S was declared  dead.

It is so sad when someone young are passing away unexpectedly!

I have decided to make some care quilts to honour S. I have already started one, but I am not ready to blog about it just yet.
It will not be done fast, but it will be done, and it is like a pay it forward in my heart.
I know S would have like liked it.

so fill your heart

I have done some quilt fabrics shopping lately too, so stay tuned for more in another post :-)



  1. Oh Hanne, that must have been such a scary experience for you, but thank goodness you were there willing to try. The care quilts will be a beautiful way to honour your friend. Your stitching in blues is very pretty and soothing. Take care. X

  2. So sorry to hear about your neighbor! It was good that you were there as a comfort for his son, though. Your embroidery is beautiful. What pattern are you using? Love the blue!

  3. Dette må være en ubeskrivelig forferdelig opplevelse for den stakkars sønnen, for deg og for flere.
    Ha det så godt du kan,Hanne og kos deg med syingen etterhvert.

  4. En vet aldri hva morgendagen bringer så en må leve hver dag som om det er den siste, og gi hverandre en klem og si man er glad i hverandre.

  5. Dear Hanne,
    surely, nobody envys you for
    such an experience. God bless
    you for being there.

    I love your stichteries :-)

    Take Care,

  6. Hi, I love your stitch:-)
    Hugs, Emanuela

  7. Sorry to hear about your neighbour. His son would have been very grateful for your help-- I hope the young boy is OK after such a traumatic experience.

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  9. Oh Hanne that is just so sad. You should be extremely proud of the effort you made to save his life and I'm sure the little boy will never forget your willingness to try.
    I love your beautiful stitching and pretty hexies.

  10. Big hugs to you Hanne

  11. Very sad, a great effort on your part I am sure, I am sure the boy would have been relieved to have had you there beside him...Big hugs

  12. Oh Hanne! I am so very sorry to hear about your neighbour. Despite your best efforts it was obviously his time to go. You really are a wonderful person to have assisted and I am sure that made it easier for his poor son. Many angel blessings to you and your neighbours family. I am very fortunate because my dad had a heart attack last week and is doing really really well.


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