Monday, May 06, 2013

Pour l’Amour du Fil – For the love of thread


Nantes, France, April 23. – 28., celebrating the 150 anniversary of the original Dear Jane quilt, celebrating our love of thread, celebrating friendship!
More than 100 (114 ?) different Dear Jane quilts on display, it was a breath taking sight.

Unluckily, Brenda Papadakis, the author of the Dear Jane book, could not come, as she had broken a shoulder and was forbidden to travel by her doctors.
Since Brenda P. could not come, neither did the original Dear Jane quilt, finished by Jane Stickle in 1863, In War Time, during the Civil War in the United States.
The original quilt is in the Bennington Museum, Vermont. Here is a link to photos of the original.




We could not let the lack of Brenda P and The Quilt ruin the experience, could we?
Only one thing to do – get over the disappointment and have fun!
Check the birthday cake, made with BIG DJ blocks and triangles.

Enjoy – there is more to come, in later posts.


Els’ quilt was miniature – 2” blocks if I do not remember wrong.


Remember the DJ quilt I saw in New York last year ? Here it is a


Barbara’s lovely half size quilt – I am Impressed!


My head is spinning with new DJ ideas Smilefjes


I just wish this spring allergies (and cold?) would leave the building – I have places to go and things to do, but will keep away from public until it clears up……



  1. So many wonderful DJ quilts!!! Looking forward to more posts about this, because I know you had a great time.

  2. Unbelievable!! What an awesome adventure to be surrounded by all those DJ's. Love this post!

  3. thank you for the show - I first heard about this show in the last couple of weeks. I have one finished and one still needs to be quilted. It is so nice seeing so many in one place.

  4. Tusen takk for at du deler,Hanne! Så gøy det må ha vore å vere der med alle dei flotte Baby Jane'ane. Gleder meg til fleire innlegg :o)

  5. Dette var imponerende. Så mange vakre Dear Jane tepper på et sted!Takk for at du deler bilder og dine inntrykk.

  6. Thank you for sharing! I see another generation of Dear Jane quilts being started.

  7. What a fabulous display!! Thank you for sharing.

    Hope you feel better soon. :-)

  8. Hi Hanne, what a nice album you made! It was a great pleasure to see you again!xx Elsbeth

  9. Beautiful photographs, thank you so much for posting the pictures, certainly wish that I could've been there.

  10. this looked like a wonderful show. I didn't realize the original quilt was in Vermont. I can get to Bennington in a couple of hours! when my son was little we used to do a day trip every summer. How did I miss this quilt! Thank you for sharing these photos.

  11. Fantastisk! Du er en heldiggris :-) Takk for titten!

  12. Wow! Så mange flotte tepper! Jeg kjente at drømmen omå sette i gang med teppet modna enda litt mer nå :-)

  13. Thank you for sharing your photos, it looks like an amazing show. I never tire of looking at Dear Jane quilts......I wish I could decide which style I like so I can start my own.

  14. IN a word WOW!!!

  15. Thank you for showing my quilt,it is the black one with purple and green.I was also in Nantes with 3 friends and it was GREAT.

  16. Å så nydelig. Blir imponert. Er det et slikt dobbelt sengeteppe vi skal sy når du kommer til Molde? ☺☺


  17. Aahh, dette var et flott syn. Håper at en gang i fremtiden så greier jeg å lage en DJ quilt også.

  18. Hanne, fantastisk å se bildene dine fra Dear Jane utstillingen. Du har hatt flott opplevelse:))

  19. så moro å se. Kjempegøy å se så mange varianter. Det gir inspirasjon også for meg, selv om jeg aldri kommer til å sy teppet!! Men jeg lover deg, Hanne, siden du har vært min lærer, at jeg skallage noe fint av de 9 blokkene jeg har,- en gang!! Ha en fortsat fin uke og kos deg med minnene!!!

  20. Fantastic exhibition! Thank you so much for sharing!
    I love the quilt in grey and white colours!


  21. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Thank you for showing all the photos of the quilts! Makes me wanna continue with my DJ. I´m halfway through the blocks. All the triangles are finished!
    Gun, Sweden

  22. The exhibition looks fabulous! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures. Wish I could have been there.

  23. Thanks for sharing the beautiful Dear Jane quilts.

  24. Thank you so much for sharing! patchwork quilt

  25. Just amazing to see all the different variations! Bet it was fantastic in person.


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