Sunday, June 09, 2013

First Ufo step

P1080652Now I am ready for Easter next year, right? ;-)


The stitchery has been done for quite some while, but I did not finish the edge in time for Easter – shame on me (not)……..

P1080650I must admit I was not to sure how to do the corners right, even if I have made corners in the past – as in very very  long ago – so I just had to pull out an embroidery book and find instructions. Today was the day!


In the process I thought about why I had procrastinated on this one.
Well – the stitchery was fun, and then I moved on to the next stitchery –
I was in stitchery mood and not in finishing mode I guess.
Happens often here in Quilt Corner ;-)


I only do this because I'm having fun.
The day I stop having fun, I'll just walk away.

Heath Ledger



  1. Det var tøtta si (som vi sier i nord). Om to uker joiner jeg ufokarusellen! Flott løper!

  2. Det er bare å redefinere å si at planen var påska 2014 - så er du helt i henhold til plan igjen. Kjekt, ikke sant. Fin duk!

  3. Denne løperen er bare så nydelig. Fortjener å bli ferdig.

  4. dear hanne!
    it is has been a long time that I disn't post any comment, but I read most of your post...
    great for the first step in finishing UFO!
    I should be inspired to make a dent in my UFO... but I suppose I am not in the mood of quilting UFO, I do lot a crochet because it is easier to bring for my lunch time and I am still inspired by your blog and your motto.
    friensly from france

  5. :Love your chookies! I have chooks all around my kitchen , they look good even when it is not Easter.

  6. It's a lovely finish. Funny how close we can get and then not finish a project.

  7. It looks great! i love the white thread on the linen.


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