Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finishes, Wisps and Dreams :-)


I think I will start by showing you my new project, in the Dream section - Cornelian, by Helen Stubbings.
This has been on my Dream list for a while, and now it is here, ready to be started.
As I already have made a big red/pink quilt this year, this one will be blue, and it will keep me occupied for the a long time ;-)

I am very happy with my latest finishes:

 Just Plain Nuts quilt !!

 Ring of Roses table runner

Toiletry bag and make up purse for my favourite niece (the one and only) :-)

From a pile of blocks, through several stages of completion, to a finished quilt in a short period of time!

The stars are hand pieced, and have been done for more than a year, the sashings are machine pieced, and Merete has done the machine quilting for me this week.
This is a BOM from Lappemakeriet, with fabric kit - Snippespekulasier.
As much as I love big quilts and BOMs, I am off the BOMs for a while now.
I have the attention span of a mosquito when it comes to follow the project through through a whole year, block by block. My mind and my quilt urges are always somewhere else after 12 months.
I wonder if it can be called a flaw or if it is quite common?
If I have all the patterns so I can work in my own speed, it is a whole other matter :-)

I have a few more BOMs in several stages of completion here in Quilt Corner.
I WILL finish them all through the next 12 months - promise to self!

I got the quilt back from Merete, the machine quilter Thursday evening, and yesterday I did all the 8 meters of binding. It is a big quilt, fit for a single bed.

DD2 has just moved out, to study in another part of Norway, and we will buy a new bed for her old room. This quilt will be perfect for the new bed.

Sometimes a quilt needs repair - especially if it has met cat claws - long story - not the cat's fault reallly.
She could not resist the smell of me on a quilt she was not allowed to use, and DH put it in the wrong spot by accident.
The repair has been due for a long time (2 years) and I got the fabric from a lovely fellow blogger:
Now, finally, I was in the mood for fuzzy cutting repair, and with the new tools of applique glue and the thin Superior thread, the 2 repairs on this blocks are hardly visible.
 Even the machine quilting had to be repaired. I bet you can not see the repairs even if you click on the block photo for enlargement.

I had planned to post my current Wisps ( Work in Slow Progress) in this post too, but I think I will give you a break and post more later ;-)

So far I have 19 finishes this summer since we started Tour de Fibre in late June - Go Me :-))


  1. Hi Hanne, your pink and red quilt is very very nice,it's lovely.
    I would ask you only one think : where do you buyed the Dream section - Cornelian, by Helen Stubbings? The pattern is in my dream too, but I never seen in italian quilt shops or in web shops. Thank you for your help.

  2. You have been so clever with all your finishes:)

  3. Så mange nydelige ting, Hanne-som vanlig :) Fortsatt kjempeimponert over ditt Nearly Insane teppe som jeg fikk se i Trondhem på DJ-kurs, og jeg er ikke mindre imponert over Just Plain Nuts ;))

  4. Oh Hanne, all your work is so wonderful. Your finished quilt looks amazing. And I like your table runner so much.
    Greetings Grit

  5. I just love seeing what you have been up to. A friend thought you had made a hexagon runner at first glance but it looks like snowballs or octagons to me. Wonder spots to showcase your stitcheries. Actually you just gave me an idea of how I might use a hexie ring blocks I just made but do not want to convert to a whole quilt.

  6. Bravo Hanne! 19 finishes so far during tour. Thank You for inspiring and motivating.

  7. Just Plain Nuts quilt er helt fantastisk! FOR en jobb.... fatter ikke at du klarer å sy med så små biter... Jeg er såååååå imponert!

  8. Flott prosjekt du har kjøpt deg nå. Tror det blir veldig fint i blått. Og så er det Rød/hvite quilten bare helt skjønn. Du er skikkelig utholdende og dyktig... Lykke til med nyprosjektet.

  9. Wonderful quilts and finishes Hanne, very inspirational

  10. The new project is going to awesome Hanne! Love the colour selection, my favourite. You have completed soooo many projects and they are all so lovely. As for the cat, well all cats seem to geavitate towrds our quilts. I have tiny little indentations in some of mine from the cat's claws. Glad you could repair the quilt.

  11. Your new project looks very challenging, I love starting a new long term project. Lovely finishes too, and excellent repair work.

  12. congratulations on some stunning finishes! I too have quilter's ADHD when it comes to projects, I can never finish a BOM either!

  13. Dear Hanne,

    wounderful work, I love your finished Quilt. What an awsome project.

  14. Your quilt red and pink is wonderful !
    Amitié de France ! Mamifleur


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