Saturday, August 24, 2013

Time flies!

Time flies when you are having fun - and time flies in general.........

It is time for an update, isn't it?

The computer is still stone dead, and it is in the shop for the 3rd time.
If it can not be fixed now, I will get a new one from the shop, as the warranty is still good.
I hope the problem will be solved shortly, as this old computer belonging to DH is not my favourite, as it does not have the software or the capasity to handle the programs I need, including my ususal photo and blog programs.

The cat has recovered, and is again her happy self. She refuses to rest far from the door now, so her chair had to be moved next to the veranda door. I guess she is afraid the door and the great outdoors will disappear if she does not watch over both.

Both DDs are back at university, and we had the pleasure of driving DD2 and a lot of her belongings to Trondheim in the beginning of the month.

We combined that trip with visiting family in the area, and we had some lovely days.
For several years we  have wanted to visit the Grip Island, an island 14 kilometers out in the North Sea.
The island used to be the home for around 100 persons, but has not anyone living there permanently anymore. The houses are very well kept and are used as vacation houses for those living there before and their families.

The traditional Norwegian wood church is from the 1300s.

Can you spot the light house above - the resque and hope of the sea men.

You can read more about Grip Island here.

Other that the top photo in this post, my Just Plain Nuts quilt in Show & Tell at Kathrine's happening the other day, I find that I have to make more than the 1 planned post, as it has been busy in the Quilt Corner lately.
Not to bad after all, eh? :-)


  1. Makes this Aussie who is not really fit enough to travel unless it is the first class she cannot afford, somewhat envious to see the lovely Norwegian scenery. I am glad you were able to visit the island.
    Lovely colors in the wood.

  2. Lovely post Hanne. Love the photo of Miss Cat watching the door :)

  3. what an amazing church........the Island sounds very interesting.....


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