Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back in business :-)

P1000279After more than a month without my beloved pink computer, a new Miss Sam has moved into my house :-)
The old one died before reaching the age of 1 year, and the shop did not succeed in repairing her even after 4 tries – or, maybe they did the last time, but the repair persons managed to make serious damages to the exterior. I wonder what they did to damage my pink lady – trying to open her with a can opener instead of a screw driver?
So, today I got a new friend instead, and finally I could install the required software for more enjoyable blogging :-)
I still went for a Samsung, but chose a bigger screen. Pink was not a colour option this time, so I liked the silver pc more than the white.


I am working away on my SKOW quilt – it is slowly coming together.
Here is the book, in case you want to make this quilt too. It is filled with nice projects of all sizes :-)





  1. I love the projects on this book I made a lots of them and find that Anni Downs projects are a nice gifts to my friends, i love" the simple Life" projects too .
    This quilt i intend to do, i hope it looks so nice as yours!

  2. great to see you are working on your quilt blocks.........I was going to comment on your last post and you have done another one..........

    would you like to do a post on the SAL blog............

  3. I guess it feels wonderful to have a new computer!!! Keep up the good work on this quilt, its almost done :)

  4. godt at ting ordner seg og alt kommer på plass igjen! ser fram til mer blogging igjen.

  5. Looking good! Hmmm. I really need to start on that quilt.


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