Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Catch 22 in the Quilt Corner

I wanted to start something new tonight - not a big project, but I had spesific fabrics in mind.
Well - Catch 22 - as the fabrics are already tied to this Ufo, for all the filler strips.............

As much as I like this quilt - Some Kind Of Wonderful - by Anni Downs, it has been badly neglected.
I need 3 blocks + to re-find the embroidery floss - the chair block lacks stitchery text.

I am setting a goal for this Ufo, so I can use the fabrics for whatever I like before to long :-)
By the way - I can use the box, also tied to this project, for something else too.......

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  1. Hanne, a lady at my patchwork group has completed that quilt for her daughter and she has hand quilted it. It looks lovely. Yours looks great so far so it would be a shame to neglect it. I have the book but haven't made anything from it yet. So many quilts, so little time as usual.


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