Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What happened next?

The Civil War fabric 9-patch top is done and I am very happy with the result :-)
It is a nice size slumber quilt and I will send it out for machine quilting before to long.
I bought a pile of CW fabrics in Shipshewana in 2010 and the pattern was enclosed.
You can find a free copy from Windham Fabrics here.

9-patches is a nice way to display your favourite fabrics :-)

Making this dress was fun, and i know I will make more clothes from here on.
Before patchwork I made a lot of clothes.
The plan for this dress was to make it for wearing to and from the beach on vacation, but DH thought it was street nice too, so I wore it in the evenings first, and later to the beach.

My favourite vacation place - Alanya, Turkey, seen from the castle hill.

I did bring books to read, but felt more like doing patchwork and stitchery :-)

May Britt read several paper books, DH had his books on his Ipod,  and I really got the needle moving :-)

Visiting the archeological museum in Alanya was nice, even if they had taken down the textile display we really wanted to see.  These tiles from more than 2000 years ago sort of made up for it. Hexagons has been around for a long long time indeed :-)
I did some blogging about Turkey here and here, if you want to see more from the museum and the lovely mosaics you can see several places in Alanya  :-)


  1. I loved visiting my DH when he lived in Turkey and would LOVE to go back. He has no desire to return. Your dress is really cute! There was a time when I made all my clothes too. Patchwork fabric and quilt patterns became more available then dressmaker fabric and patterns.............. Looks like you had a perfect vacation.

  2. Lekkert teppe og fin utstilling :-)

  3. I always like nine patches! yours is very nice

  4. It is absolutely beautiful, Shipshewana is one of the best places to buy fabric and we will be buying fabric in 70 days, see you soon dear friend.

  5. Lovely nine patches. I like the light backgrounds. Your dress is so cute, you should make it in some other colours too. Your vacation looks like a lot of fun......you don't see much patchwork happening at the beach in Australia.

  6. Thank you for a great vacation together with you both. Soon we are on to our next adventure "over there"

  7. Wonderful and elegant quilt!
    It's so nice to have a sea vacation!



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