Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another lovely day

Another lovely day in quilter's paradise :-)
Today we have been to Quilts Plus in Indianapolis. 
The shop has a nice web site

The staff is wonderful and very friendly, the selection of goods is very very good, and just as yesterday, we got wonderful service.
Did we buy some goodies ?? Absolutely!
Will we tell ?? No Way ;-)

Enjoy the eye candy from the shop!


  1. your are enjoying yourself and that is great - I hope the storms were not too bad up there today

  2. can see you are both having a whale of a time, shame you are not sharing what you have purchased, maybe when you get back to Norway we will see some of your new goodies.

  3. Flotte bilder, Hanne, vitamin Q hele tiden, tror jeg! Lykke til videre, jeg følger med :))

  4. Welcome to the USA! Are you finding a difference between quilt shops in Europe and the US? If so, what did you notice? Enjoy your trip with Hanne!


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