Sunday, November 17, 2013

Over the ocean and far away

Today we have been visiting The Back Door quilt shop in Indiana. It is lovely!  The selection is great and the staff is lovely.  More photos when I come home. The net book is not eager to work with Blogger by the looks of it......


  1. Oh my gosh! I have the tree and ornaments patterns. Thank you for the reminder! Hope you are having a wonderful time. :-)

  2. I can imagine all the joy you are both feeling from visiting this shop and I know there will be more to see, have a wonderful time

  3. Kjempeflotte bilder som jeg har kost meg med å se på! Blir spennende å følge dere videre på ferden. Kos dere og del gjerne med oss!😊

  4. Enjoy your trip over the ocean!

  5. Your blog my sweet makes my heart that christmas tree quilt

  6. I love this quilt shop. So glad you got to see some shops in Indiana on your trip!


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