Thursday, November 28, 2013

Caroline’s Cottage Cottons

2013-11-20 10.02.12

It is always very nice to visit at Caroline’s Cottage Cottons in Rome, IN!
Caroline and Penny made us all feel very welcome, and we had a great time.
It is my third time there (or 4th ?) and it has always been nice.
Caroline has a good selection of Civil War fabrics, my favourites.

2013-11-20 18.18.402013-11-20 10.20.132013-11-20 16.33.262013-11-20 16.37.082013-11-20 16.37.222013-11-20 16.39.142013-11-20 17.17.40May Britt and I was so lucky to meet Deb and Colleen in the hallway at the Farmstead, and was so lucky to get a ride to the shop.
It turned out to be a very fun day, getting to know the lovely ladies.
I am so happy I took the chance of asking for a ride, both for the shopping and the friendships formed!

As you may see, I have earned myself a tiara and a title of Shopping Queen – LOL
It was not hard at all – took a 150 dollars purchase – easy peasy when you are a shopping queen, I can tell you ;-)
I am happy they did not give tiaras everywhere – oh my, they would have added to the luggage weight!

2013-11-20 18.12.32
May Britt also earned a tiara, and we both wore our tiaras out to lunch, to everyone’s amusement.

shopping queens

We had a Queen meeting in the retreat room a few days later – how fun was that!
Brenda P., May Britt, myself, Vicky, Rosemary and Connie.


2013-11-20 17.32.52



  1. of course you had to take advantage of the shopping prices for fabric here in the states!! so nice to see y'all have fun here in the states.

  2. How wonderful and fun.

  3. This was a great memory from our trip. So glad we got a ride with these two ladies.

  4. can see you are having a wonderful trip, May has been posting photos and comments on her blog foe us all to enjoy

  5. That was such a fun day! So glad we could give you a ride AND get to know you! Until we meet again, dear friends!


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