Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas days

P1010898I love the quiet days between Christmas celebration and New Years Eve –
the days with no fixed plans and a fridge full of yummy leftovers.

Early this morning I pulled out this unfinished table topper and made it my priority project for the day.

DH was sleeping in and I decided to give him a surprise of Canadian pancakes for breakfast, as I had plenty of eggs, butter and full cream in the fridge.

P1010899P1010900P1010901Served with lingonberry sirup – can be recommended!



The table topper is done – and it looks good! This one was so fun to make that it is not unlikely I will make it again :-)



In April I was gifted with this little pincushion kit from my friend Caroline, but for several reasons it got put to the side.
The pattern is in Dutch, from Bobbin  – as if I really need a written patterns when I have the diagrams……..- and the fabrics were a bit dark and primitive. Excuses, excuses!


Today was the day – and I pulled out a nice linen fabric I bought in France to do the stitchery. The heart was done folded over Helen Stubbings’ applique paper – worked great.


I changed the black head for a grey one, added eyes, took away some of the primitive style, and voila – a nice sheep to keep my needles :-)



I cant clean my craft room



  1. love pancakes! just about any kind - yes it is a nice quite week between Christmas and New Years.

  2. Anonymous4:11 am

    Your pincushion is absolutely adorable as well as your table topper! Both are lovely!

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  4. Å, de pannekakene ser gode ut! Tyttebærsirrup er nytt for meg, så nå lært jeg det:-) Romjulstiden er en deilig tid å kose seg ; flott duk, og veldig artig nålepute.
    Godt Nytt År 2014, Hanne:))

  5. like the arrangenments with the hexies, must try putting them together your way, lovely pin cushion and the pancakes look very tempting

  6. Lovely finishes Hanne! I use Helen's paper for all applique, it makes it so easy, and you get as good a result as if it were needleturned!

  7. Your finishes is lovely. Perhaps more finishes today??

  8. Amerikanske pannekaker er nydelig, men jeg foretrekker lønnesirup. Duken ble så fin! Og den sauen!!

  9. Ser ut som du koser deg i romjula :-) Pannekaker er en favoritt til frokost her i huset også- må prøve med tyttebærsirup en gang, det hørtes veldig godt ut!
    Brikken og sauen er begge kjempesøte! Kos deg videre!

  10. Hei hei Hanne - the sheep needle holder is so cute - it will look lovely on your sewing table :) Wishing you a Very Happy New Year - I look forward to following your blog in 2014 and getting a lot of inspiration form you :)

  11. For noen fine arbeider, både sauen og brikken. Ha en fortsatt fin romjul.

  12. Kjempesøt sau - og nydelig duk!
    Fortsatt god jul :-)

  13. Sauen var kjempesøt, nesten litt synd å stikke nåler i den :) Sæt duk også - og veldig gode pannekaker regner jeg med. Fortsatt god jul og godt nyttår når den tid kommer. .

  14. That stack of pancakes is making me so hungry! Love your pins and needles!


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