Sunday, September 07, 2014

A month without computer - back in business!

My computer died a month ago, and it has been in the shop since then.
Returning home on Tuesday, it still had some serious flaws and had to go back to the shop, but it is now back home to stay. Several parts inside are now new and working well.

Blog wise this summer has been a real mess and it would take forever to really catch up, so I have decided to just jump in where I am :-)

I have used Instagram actively through my cell phone, so if you are so inclined please stop by there too - user name Hanne Schneider / hannequilt

A lot of my photos can no be loaded on my blog right now, but I have been focusing on working on the Cornelian quilt by Helen Stubbings.
It is a lot of work indeed. I am not seeing the end of this quilt just yet, but good progress has been made.


  1. Hello Hanne! I don't know how you coped without a computer for a month!! Love your hexagons and the embroidery is stunning! :)

  2. So beautiful....good to hear you have your computer back....

  3. Welcome back! Did you get a lot of extra sewing done while your computer was broken? Lovely stitched blocks.

  4. welcome back - I have been traveling a lot and haven't been keeping up with blogs - I have internet this week and playing catch up - love your embroidered hexies!!

  5. good to see you back, can agree that it is impossible to catch up on blogs, even after 2 days away I struggle! I do instagram but not a clue as how to find you, usually I follow people by clinking on the instragram button on their blog but havn`t got one, no doubt I will sort it out in the end

  6. Don't we get lost without our computer these days?
    Love the blue work that you are doing-- my favourite colours.

  7. Good to have you back in blogland. See you in a couple of days :)

  8. Yikes! A whole month without a computer! Mine was down for a little over a week and it was terrible. :-) Glad you are back up and running smooothly. Love your new sewing corner and the latest projects. You are doing well with your challenge.


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