Saturday, August 02, 2014

50 days challenge for myself


40 days ago I decided to give myself a 50 days challenge, with an average of 2 blocks a day on 2 projects – the one above + Cornelian quilt, which is in the stitchery phase.

Along the way I added a sewing machine project – the angel log cabin quilt.


My usual Tour de Fibre blogging went down the drain with some family matters here,
but I have kept up with my at-least-2-blocks-a-day on Instagram, with daily photos.

As much as I do enjoy writing my blog, the Instagram format is quicker, more like a postcard, and it fitted this challenge so well. If you are into Instagram, my user name is Hanne Schneider and/or hannequilt.




In between I have also done some knitting of dish cloths, the new fun-to-make and so nice to use in the kitchen.


No doubt – I will always be a quilter at heart, but knitting is very  fun and very portable, and with these smaller projects they are done before my arms acts up – win win!



10 days to go on this challenge!


The love of my life and dear companion for 32 years has had some serious health issues going on for the last year and a half.
He won the lottery last week  – the new growth / tumour is benign for now, and he will be back for a new ultrasound check-up in 6 months. The growth has held us on our toes for a while now and it is good to be able breath both in and out.
It surely sets everyday life in a new light – everyday life is not boring, it is good!

I do not know if it helps or anything, but I do believe that what you eat makes a difference, and I enjoy making food from scratch. All the chemical additives might make the food last for a long time, but I seriously doubt they are good for us!


Carrot lemon marmalade and home baked bread



Bread rolls with a lot of fiber


Just had to try cinnamon rolls with a half-wholegrain dough too – success!


Oatmeal cookies with real vanilla and raisins. The taste was so right, but they were a bit crumbly. I will try them again. Maybe they need more time in the oven?

Dinner includes a lot of veggies and less starch than before. If we are what we eat, we are getting there, meal by meal.



Give someone you love a hug today!



  1. So pleased that your Dh had such good news

  2. Dear Hanne,
    best wishes for the wellbeing of your husband.
    I really like your projects. They look great.

  3. what good news re the love of your life and yes I am sure diet plays a part, take aways and convenience foods have so many unnecessary extras in.
    You have been busy, the first quilt looks lovely and the hexies are interesting, I have tried not very successfully doing them on the machine. Knitting looks good too

  4. Så godt å høre om de gode nyhetene. Livet har sannelig sine overaskelser på lur iblant,og det er da vi må finne styrken vi ikke visste vi hadde :) Flott å se at du gjør det du kan i matveien, jeg er overbevist om at du har rett. Håper vi sees igjen snart :) Klem fra Siv Hege

  5. Jammen har du fått unna masse på denne challengen din :) Og jeg må prøve å få lagd det syltetøyet jeg også, ser utrolig godt ut.

  6. Tenker på deg,Hanne,håper ting går bedre dag for dag.
    Mye gøy å lese og se på bloggen din, flotte Q-deler,ser så deilig ut med syltetøy og bakst :-)

  7. Like to see what you are working on. Beautiful, as always. The baked goods look yummy! Glad you and your love received good news.

  8. Ser ut for at du har vært produktiv på mer en en måte. Mange flotte prosjekter og fristelser her :-)

  9. Your projects are so wonderful. I really like them.

  10. Love to read your good news about family. I agree 100% with your healthy eating ideas. Take care and a hug back at you and your family.

  11. Love your 50 day projects Hanne and you seem to be making good progress. I hope you get them finished. All that delicious baking made me feel very hungry... it all looked so delicious!! :)

  12. So glad to hear that your spouse is on the mend...... It is difficult when the one you care so much for is having medical problems.......

    If you have time please tell me the size of the pieces you used in Cornelian.... Also did you create the designs for the embroidery yourself or did you find them in a publication.....Inquiring minds want to know..........

  13. Happy for you and DH have had good news about him. Relieves the mind doesn't it?
    Love the quilt you are working on with the hexies that had a square in the middle and the rectangles around that. Would you share what that pattern is please?


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