Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tiny houses, tiny scraps

Inspired by different blogs and and many quilts i have seen online I draw this tiny house in EQ7, and it all went downhill from there - or maybe not that downhill really ;-)

I have always loved foundation paper piecing and it is nice to work with small pieces of fabrics, and EQ7 is the very best tool to make foundation paper piecing patterns.
I even enjoy picking all the small pieces of paper out after a block is done.
My sewing machine is my friend :-)

I plan to do a lap quilt, but I know that I can not stick to doing one house a day for long.
Life gets in the way, health gets in the way every so often too, so I guess I will stick to my normal whimsical self, and work in skips and jumps, as usual.

With a sharpened pair of scissors:


and some assorted scraps:


I was ready to hit the building business.

This morning I also found a lovely box just the right size for my tiny 3" blocks


I have been posting my blocks on Instagram as I finish them - you can find me as hannequilt - 5 down, a lot to go.
Many people has asked for my EQ7 drawing, but I can not share it.

I am sorry, but I have been made aware at I have been doing a copyright violation by sharing my houses with you, as the house block is copyrighted by Jeanneke at www.jeanneke.com
I am so sorry for having stepped wrong. It was not my intention.

Jeanneke has a lovely blog with a lot of house quilts HERE and another blog HERE
She makes her houses by hand and she sells a lovely rubber stamp which makes hand piecing very nice.

Note: I have edited my text and my quilt plan to reflect what I have been made aware of since I first posted this blog post



  1. kor flinke du er lell ;)

    smil fra monika

  2. These small houses is so addictive :) Thanks for drawing them and sharing the fun of sewing :) Hope I manage to sew a house this evening too :)

  3. How very generous of you. Thank you so much Hanne.

  4. Hello Hanne,
    Keep in mind that there is a copyright on this pattern, even on the house block.This means that you are NOT allowed to copy it and share it with others, even when you give it away for free.
    Maybe you didn't knew this? So please respect this copyright.

    Thank you,

  5. Det var veldig generøst, Hanne! Lukke til med bygginga. Kan hende eg blir med, men akkurat no er hovudet overfylt med inspirasjon!

  6. hallo hanne,
    ganz toll werden deine kleinen häuschen, ich habe sie ja schon voriges jahr genäht und hat viel spass gemacht. ich schaffte 366.
    habe sie aus meinen resten genäht, aber es sind noch immer genug reste da.
    viel spass beim häuserbauen
    lg elfriede

  7. these are such tiny beauties, it is hard to imagine them being only 3". Does this mean we will not be able to see any more of your houses or is it just the pattern you are not allowed to show

  8. Hello Hanne, your lovely houses are just cute! This could be a future project for me too. Thanks for sharing.


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