Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A new neighbourhood


I am building a new neighbourhood :-)

I am building the block by use of drawing tools in EQ7, from scratch, and I am foundation paper piecing the houses by machine.

The block above, called Tiny Shipshewana House, is not in the EQ7 library, and I have not seen any house exactly the same online or in any book or magazine.

I am leaving the old neighbourhood behind.
Not with grief, but with a sense of wonder, as I burnt the midnight oil searching the internet and found that same house as I pieced earlier in so many places, published on blogs and websites, in many different sizes, including the 3", several people having drawn it in different versions of EQ over the years, like I did.
It can be downloaded a lot of places.

I am leaving that wasp's nest, and return to my sewing now :-)

I will be away from Quilt Corner this weekend, bringing my Tiny Shipshewana House blocks and other nice sewing, spending time with friends. I am so looking forward to quality quilting time away from home!



  1. Love it! Can't wait to see it in Shipshe!

  2. This is wonderful. Well done. Love it. Big hug from a Tiny Shipshewana House fan :)

  3. Dear Hanne, I would just like to say that I really like your version of the teeny tiny house much better.

  4. Så gøy med husene,Hanne; ja lykke til med 365 forskjellige :-)

  5. I love your little houses and well done for drafting your own!

  6. Love your design with the garden. I thought that this pattern is the " school house" pattern which has been around for years. I have bought acrylic templates for them years ago under that name. Enjoy building your neighbourhood.

  7. Such lovely little houses. How big are they when finished?

  8. Hello Hanne.

    Love your little homes. Good luck with your quilt.

    Happy days.

  9. your houses are coming along so well, I did think that rubbish about copyright was wrong as as you say lots of people are making these houses all over the world


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