Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small stitches, great joy


I am so enjoying working on the Simply Blessed stitcheries, and my goal for the weekend is to finish the Nature block.

It has been a long autumn, and the blog has been badly neglected.
I have posted a lot on Instagram though, as I have been baking and cooking healthy, and
moved a lot of projects in small steps forward.
Instagram is more like sending a postcard - quick and easy. You can find me there by the name Hanne Schneider, or hannequilt.

Personal content alert - stop reading here, if you so prefer.

Health wise I have been a mess.
Living with spastic Cerebral Palsy for 54 years is taking a high toll.
I am taking the needed more needed actions now and am in process of getting a wheel chair so I can still participate in the good events in life.
Over the last few years I have been moving from 1 walking cane, to 1 crutch, to 1 crutch + 1 ankle support brace, to 2 crutches + 2 support braces.
Not mentioning chronic joint and muscle inflammations, severe intestine palsies, asthma and chronic fatigue.

I will rather use my strength to do the things I love, like sewing, writing, occasional teaching, laughing with friends, loving with family, than to walk on my 2 feet all the time.
I hope I can get a wheel chair in a cool colour, like turquoise, pink or purple though, and I hope it does not take to long to get through the paper mill of bureaucracy of our national health care system!

I have been arguing long and hard whether to share this on my blog or not,
and I have found that this is as good a time as any,
and now it is out there - I am not sure if it is with a sigh of relief or not - yet!

I have been taking actions with a healthier diet and have lost over 35 lbs. over the last year.
I am pretty proud of that, as it has been without running around the block - "just" by doing (some rather big) changes in my diet.
It did not really cut my problems, but it has been good anyway.

On Monday I will start with a special class in water aerobics, warm water, and I am sure it will be a good addition to my already 2 days a week working out at gym + physiotherapy regime.

I am doing my best to be the best version of myself, most of the time!

I have been showered in love from some blog people who have missed me in blogland -
you know who you are!
<3 Love you too <3

good friends



  1. Big hugs to my best friend. We are going to have a lot of great trips in the future :) And a lot of sewing time together :)

  2. You are indeed a brave girl, and I am proud of knowing you! your blog posts are so nice, and so is your Instagram feed. Have a nice Advent!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy whatever it is you have to say or show. I can’t wait to see your purple and turquoise striped with pink polka dots wheel chair! :-D Best wishes!

  4. Thanks for sharing Hanne. I hope you get a beautifully bright wheel chair. So sorry you are having such problems and I wish you all the best. Yours was the first blog I ever read, and I look for it every day. Huge hugs to you. Bev in Britain.

  5. Dear Hanne, what a brave post! I admire how positive you are remaining and I wish you lots of luck finding a fabulous wheel chair to suit you! Your stitching is beautiful as always and I look forward to seeing many more of your beautiful stitched projects! Hugs! :) xx

  6. Cheering you on from America!!! you are amazing!

  7. Take really good care of yourself and you could always make a patchwork to cover your wheelchair?!! Will think of you and wish you well every time I look at my Angel :) Hugs

  8. Dear Hanne, I'm not a blogger, but I have a look on your blog nearly every day and I've read every single word you wrote :))))
    I really love your blog so much and so I do with your instagram feeds ! I'm always touched by your strenght and your positive attitude. I wish you all the best for you and your familiy - greetings from Germany, Angelika

  9. I wish you nothing but good have a positive attitude that will help you to get through a lot of your challenges! And if your wheel chair isn't up to the colour code of choice, you can whip yourself up a brightly coloured patchwork cover...with a cozy backing! You could even whip up a that each day it would be like riding in a completely different chair! And don't forget decals...there are decals in all different motifs! I can see you riding in a chair covered with flowers...or polka dots! How cool would that be!! Anyways, my friend...keep up the positive attitude and keep on rolling and stitching...and of course blogging!! Your work is perfection!
    Big hug!!

  10. hej Hanne,
    det har sikkert ikke været en nem beslutning at træffe, men du har ret i at det er bedre at bruge kræfter på de ting du brænder for ! Jeg kigger tit ind på din blog og bliver altid inspireret. Tak for det :-)


  11. I never realized anything was "wrong" with you health wise. I remember seeing a photo on May's blog perhaps with you using a cane but thought you had injured yourself. I'm sure the weight loss will help even if you do not think it will. It sounds like you have a very good attitude and that will help you through it - good luck to you - I sure do enjoy seeing your stitches and quilts.

  12. Thanks a lot for all those health news ! Better to learn and become sad that knowing nothing and worrying a lot !
    Courageous and brave, you're a smart woman, working hard.
    Wish you a lot of love and help all around you...
    Big hughs from Quebec, Canada...

  13. I do miss it when you don't blog as I don't do any other things online.........
    Sorry to hear your health is getting more difficult.....I do you get a colourful wheelchair soon......slowly long term health issues catch up and take over life..........stay strong in the mind and you will be able to battle anything........
    happy stitching......

  14. Bonsoir Hanne
    je suis triste de lire ces nouvelles de votre santé mais je vous souhaite de meilleurs jours car vous avez tellement de belles choses a faire et a nous montrer
    Prenez grand soin de vous et vive la vie
    avec toute mon affection
    Marie Claude
    Good evening Hanne
    I am sad to read the news of your health but I wish you better days because you have so many beautiful things to do and show us
    Take good care of yourself and live the life
    with all my love
    Marie Claude

  15. Oh Hanne. I had no idea you had such severe health problems as you are so positive and upbeat all the time....and you get so much done! You have a wonderful attitude to life and are an inspiration to us all! I must find you on instagram.

  16. Stå på Hanne. Du er den du er uansett. Klem

  17. Hanne, thank you so much for sharing your personal health issues with us as many of us are concerned when you do not blog. I hope you are able to get a light weight titanium chair in the colour of your choice. My hubby's is red to match his car hrhehe. I admire you for losing all that weight which I do know helps and you are determined to look after yourself diet and exercise wise.For this you deserve to have a better quality of life as so many do nothing to help themselves. You are one beautiful inspiring earth angel who brings joy to others. Love you stitching, I have done 2 of those blocks with the Japanese linens. May you enjoy an abundance of all good things in the new year coming. Many angel hugs.

  18. Best wishes, big hugs and happy stitching Hanne

  19. I have missed you in blogland too. Thanks for sharing your struggles, we are your friends, and it is better if we know what you're going through. You are being so brave, sending big hugs.

  20. Hanne - thank you for being courageous enough to share your health news with so many of us who read your blog but remain strangers. As others have already commented, I visit your blog frequently and had been concerned that you weren't posting as often. Best wishes as you move forward - please know that there are many of us thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

    Sydney, Australia

  21. I'm in heartful thoughts with you, dear Hanne, and I wish you lots and lots of new discoveries in the future.
    You know how inspiring you are to me and I'm proud of knowing you.

    Congrats also on your weight loss! I'm trying to loose some weight, as well, (need to!).
    This is a very hard challenge to me and I often only loose courage and perseverance, instead of lbs...

    Keep going, my friend, you are THE BEST :))


  22. I had no idea you were poorly but what a wonderful attitude you have and so good that you are getting a chair so life will be easier for you, have seen all the healthy food you eat on instagram and you put me to shame.

    Take care Hanne

  23. Hang in there, Hanne! Don't let mobility aides define who you are. Use them for what they are meant for: enjoying life! :-) Don't let other people's stereotypes tell you differently.
    Happy stitching, it's "the most wonderful time of the year"! :-)

    Hugs from Rebecca

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  25. I'm sorry to read that you're are in such terrible pain. I hope you get a really cool color that you wished for. It does help to talk openly about your troubles. Cyber hugs.

  26. I am wishing you lots of strenght and "Bon Courage"!!
    All my best wishes!

  27. Håper du får den beste hjelp av de kyndige rundt deg og at smertene dempes med gode medisiner. Takk for at du forteller oss om de vonde tingene!
    Stitcher jeg også: Simply Blessed, gøy med Helles kurs i morgen kveld.

  28. I see I'm not the only one to have missed you! I am so sorry your health has hurt you, but you are so brave. I do pray your Advent is splendid.

  29. Many of us have missed your blogposts and photos of the beautiful things you make. Wishing you a wonderful 2015. Thankyou for sharing what's really going on in your life.

  30. Hanne, I soooo admire your strength and outlook on life.

    You are a very strong woman and I think that you have made the right choices for dealing with your health issues at this time in your life.

    You are my hero! Continue to enjoy the things you love, especially your wonderful friendship with May Britt.

  31. Wow - I truly admire you! I had a work friend with MD and she pretty much gave up. She left work one day and never returned. About once a year I hear from her and she is not in a good place. I takes courage to stand up to a disease like this and be your best self. I'm sure the low impact water aerobics will be a great addition to what you are doing. Sending you prayers and good thoughts!

  32. Hi Hanne,
    Your blog was the first one I found in blogland. Although you live far away from me--you have been a big influence on me as a person. I admire you as a person and as a passionate quilter! We have several quilts in common for example, that Nearly Insane one!
    You whizzed through it---it took me four years! You have a lot of friends out here who care about you---and just know you are not alone!

  33. What a wonderful attitude you have to life!! A pink or purple wheelchair - my kind of vehicle. And just imagine the banners and stitchery you can hang over the back!

  34. You're a Rock Star!!! What a great example to never giving up. Keep us posted on your new classes. Have the Merriest of Christmases.

  35. You're a Rock Star!!! What a great example to never giving up. Keep us posted on your new classes. Have the Merriest of Christmases.

  36. Takk for at du deler med oss - jeg beundrer deg! Og jeg beundrer deg for de valgene du har måtte ta.
    Ønsker deg kun det beste og mange timer med søm og venner :)


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