Monday, December 01, 2014

Advent - candle light season


Coffee, candle light and stitchery in the mornings are never wrong, and I do enjoy seeing the night turning into daylight now in the darkest time of the winter.


True to our nice Advent tradition, May Britt and I have made Advent Sunday calendars to each other this year too.


I opened my first packet in the afternoon when I lit the first Advent candleIMG_20141130_190815May Britt has prepped a lovely snowman stitchery to me - thank you very much :-)


I do enjoy a little knitting now and then too - and I finished the knitting on this scarf last night. It is nice to sit and watch TV with DH, with the feet up high.

Thank you ever so much for all the lovely comments and personal mails I got after my previous post!
I am so old that I grew up learning to tell no one about my physical limitations and pains,
use as little aiding equipment as possible, and it is embedded in my mind that there are no troubles, only challenges, and all you shall do is to bite your teeth together and go on.

Well, it is good to know that when the challenges lately have grown over my head, there are so much support out there.
I wish I could give you all a hug!
I feel like I have been outing myself as a whole person - I think you know what I mean - and it is very freeing :-)


Tonight we light one candle
we light it for joy
It stands there shining by itself
and for us who are present
Tonight we light one candle
we light it for joy.



  1. Looks like a lovely stitchery is about to be done and that scarf is lovely. Daylight appears around 4.30am here lately and the cat wants breakfast! 28 degrees C here today, beautiful. Angel hugs.

  2. love your little Advent corner with the angel watching over and caring for you. Snowman looks good to stitch and the scarf will be welcome for the cold weather

  3. Hello Hanne! What a beautiful gift May Britt has prepared for you and what a lovely tradition between friends to make each other a calendar. Hope you enjoy stitching the snowmen! Love your beautiful scarf too. Have a good week! :) xx

  4. Your little area is lovely...enjoy your stitchery from May Britt

  5. So good to hear from you again!! You have been missed so much <3.
    And as we say here on the windy prairie: "you are 1 tough lady"!!
    blessings & hugs to you.

  6. I love the little angel. Do you have a pattern?

  7. I love your little angel. Do you have a pattern?


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