Saturday, March 07, 2015

All these stitches adds up


The Gossip in the Garden blocks are coming along and I am enjoying every little stitch :-)

2015-03-07 09.58.42


This is my colour inspiration, sort of, the early morning light - a touch of all the soft colours and the longing for spring. I took this photo right before 7 am the other day.
The days are getting longer and the dark season is at its end.
Now we need a lot of sun and a lot more colours outdoors!



Dear daughter 2 stopped by yesterday morning, to use my waffle iron and have breakfast on
her way to the last day of her internship in a kitchen construction company in this area.
She served the wholegrain waffles and fruit to her colleagues for lunch.
I got a breakfast taste - very yummy :-)


2015-03-02 14.32.19

Meet my new friend!
She is not colourful, but she is nice, lightweight, and very forgiving when I am tired.
She lets me sit as often and as long as I like, and she does not mind being set to the side when that is good too.
I can see many adventures with and without her in the future!




  1. Hello Hanne! Your blocks are really looking beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt! Your new friend looks the reliable sort.... hope you have lots of adventures together! xx

  2. glad your wheels arrived and glad that you do not need to use it all the time but when needed will work out! those waffles look good - whipped cream on them?

  3. Lovely patchwork, Hanne! And I am glad for you that your new friend is there to relieve you when you need it.
    Best wishes!

  4. Beautiful bloks! Your new ride will get you to places you might never go without her ;o)
    Have a nice weekend

  5. For en fin blogg du har, følger deg videre jeg :-)

  6. Beautiful blocks Hanne, I hope your new friend allows you easier access to lots of new and exciting places. take care of yourself :) Barb.

  7. Your stitches add up beautifully. I'm happy for you and your new friend.

  8. Your blocks are so beautiful with those lovely soft colours and gorgeous stitcheries. Good on you using your new wheelchair to make life easier for yourself. She will serve you well. Keep up the beautiful stitching.

  9. The blocks are beautiful. Sorry to hear that you needed this new friend. Wishing you all the best with it.

  10. Your blocks are lovely in those fabrics. And your breakfast looks delicious! It sounds like you are looking forward to some great adventures with your new wheels :-)

  11. Just saw your Gossip in the Garden Dresdens on someones side bar and had to come to pretty!! I love your soft fabric choices. I have just finished Gossip in the Garden, I used Kansas troubles fabrics a completely different look.

  12. Love the new wheels Hanne! Do you have "go-faster stipes" on the side? We wish you many years to enjoy them!
    David and Eluned.


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