Friday, March 27, 2015

How much is right ?


To much of a good thing is gorgeous, sometimes ;-)
More often less is more!

Lately the concept of minimalism is talking to me more and more, and I find
that open spaces and less to chose from sparks my creativity.

Today I have been searching for a an unfinished project here, and it is so hidden I can not find it...........

One hour later all pieces are found - and a lot of sorting has been done.
Bottom line is that I have to many projects going!


You can easily see, and I know only to well, that I am "only" 2 blocks and a lot of strips and squares + one strip of stitchery text away from finished ....... looking down with a tad of shame here ;-)
I am hereby putting this quilt top on my April To-do list!
I know I have said it before, but now I am meaning Business Business!
I need the project box for something else - or that is what I am claiming anyway ;-) 


Honestly, hand on heart, I think Unfinished Objects / Work In Very Slow Progress is a total waste of my space and energy.........
I know many people disagree with me on that, but for me, that is the honest truth.
I live in a small house - I do not want to store to much.
I have limited space for my sewing - I need to be able to do a pirouette without bumping into my things ;-)
To many things in this room only brings me no joy!
I find that my taste and my interests in quilting and colours changes too, often!

Good things are happening in Quilt Corner!

happiness is



  1. I totally agree Hanne. I have got more fabric than I will ever use in three lifetimes and plenty of UFOs. I MUST downsize it and even discard projects that I know will never be finished. Good luck to you.

  2. As always, Hanne, you are so right.

    I am trying to keep in the studio only what is on my current list of things to be done......

    Somehow at night things seem to creep in and wave for attention....

    There is also times when friends need help with something....

    You are so right, Less is More.

  3. Hanne it looks like we have the same problem :) I have 7 going on right now with an 8th starting any day now!

  4. I totally agree with you, Hanne.

    I have lately sorted out my whole stash, and it stressed me a lot. I even felt sad and a bit guilty, seeing all those fabrics - including all those I bought long ago, never used, and no longer in my taste now.

    I also realise I have spent A LOT of time (and money) "treating" myself with impulsive fabrics AND patterns buyings .

    Also, I didn't actually MAKE so many things 13 quilts in 20 years, is not very much)... but I started many projects, then realising I didn't like them so much...

    Finally, I'm sure I'll never be abble to use all those fabrics, not to mention the quilt patterns !
    What a waste of time and money!

    Well, I'll stop beating myself here :))
    No excuses, of course, but I think there are waaaay too many "temptations" while browsing through quilt blogs, etc..., at least for me.

    Something has to be done, however, and I've decided to give away the fabrics + patterns I won't use, to some local beginner quilters.

    I've also limited my daily Internet time, which is a good decision, I think.... Back to basics ! :))

    In the meantime, I remain a passionate quilter for ever, but I'm decluttering a lot, I'm being careful and reasonable against temptations, allowing me some long time reflection... and I'm feeling better.

    Never too late to grow up ! :))

    With friendly thoughts,

    PS : and you are right, Hanne : LESS IS MORE ! It stimulates creativity.

  5. Well, Hanne, you were right on the mark - too many ongoing projects does tend to bog down the creative process. I think that's why we pack them away - as in out of sight, out of mind type of thing. After seeing your progress, I've decided I need to be more organized and also let some go. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Stitching!

  6. I really agree. It is good to have a couple of different projects on the go, but too many stifles my creativity and stops me from really enjoying my sewing. Finishing is very satisfying.

  7. Too many projects is very over whelming for me. I also have a busy long arm quilting business that keeps me busy, finding that perfect balance in life isn't always easy!
    P.S I have quilted two Some kind of Wonderful quilts, lots of fun!

  8. I have way to many projects on the go........but hey you only live once so if you are a many projects girls or one at at time do what works for long as you are enjoying it go for it I say......
    There ave been a few Some Kind of Wonderful quilts being finished this year.........yours looks great......hope you can get it together's looking great............


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