Friday, March 27, 2015

Gossip in the Garden progress


I am enjoying this project so much that I have given it full focus since the beginning of the month, and you can see how far it has taken me!
Except for a few machine pieced blocks this is all hand applique, English paper piecing and stitchery.
I so enjoy the process and the rest the handwork gives me.

The blocks above are done, the blocks below are in different stages of finished.


This is my 1. priority project for April too, and if I run out of applique, the 2 blocks on the project from the previous post - the Some Kind of Wonderful quilt  - will be next.

You might already know that these 2 quilts are from the same designer, Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched. I love her style and the style goes so well with my taste of fabrics.
I am not much of a sew-it-from-a-premade-kit person.
I find that I am so easily bored when everything is already decided. I get stuck when I can not chose for myself.
I guess that is why Block of the Month with fabrics is not my thing.



Block of the Month bought from Northern Quilts in Norway many years ago.
More than half done with all the stitcheries, so stuck with the blocks, mainly because of the fabrics and colour choice which were not entirely to my taste back then.
I found the box ( I knew it was there) when I searched for the Some Kind of Wonderful projects earlier today.
We have changed the colours in my house since I bought this BOM, so now I think it can go well here.
I am a bit scared of adding to many projects to my focus list, but these blocks will get attention as soon as the 2 other focus projects are made into tops.
Sounds like a nice a plan, right ?




  1. Hanne - all of your work is so lovely! I also love choosing my own fabrics, but occasionally I do purchase a pattern with a fabric kit and then end up only using some of the pre-chosen fabrics as I put in my own touches. :)

  2. Your Gossip blocks are looking lovely. Anni Downs sure does have lovely designs, she is lovely person too!

  3. YOu have done so much Hanne. The blocks all look so lovely and I rather like your fabric choices. Good on you for getting that other project out. It is funny how our tastes change and evolve. I shall email you soon. Hope you are well. Angel Hugs

  4. I am the same way... I like the pick my fabrics as I go along. These blocks are beautiful!

  5. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Beautiful blocks


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