Friday, May 22, 2015

From gravel to gems


I am very seldom throwing out scraps, as I love my fabrics very much, and always think I can use the smallest scraps for something.
I often feel I am moving these scraps around and around and around in the Quilt Corner, not really using them much - does it sound familiar to you too ?
Cutting the smaller scraps does take both time and patience......

As I am exercising patience these days, I thought I could make some hexie flowers, using English Paper Piecing, and since most of my scraps are on the smaller side, it is easier to cut by using a pencil and scissors than using a rotary cutter, to make the most use of the fabrics.

Once I got started I so enjoyed the process!


Hexagon flowers are nice as a grab-and-go project.
So far, not much of a dent in my scraps, but a lovely time is had, with coffee and an audio book on the side.
I love the look of how the colours and prints work together :-)

I think I have to sort through all my EPP templates one more time, to see if I can locate some more 3/4" paper templates.

happy friday



  1. Du er jammen produktiv om dagen :) veldig søte stoffer!

  2. Ser ut som hyggelig arbeid!! Lur måte å bruke smårestene på!! Ha en fin pinse!! Anne Kari :-)

  3. Just a note to say I love seeing your work and reading your blog. You have such beautiful quilts.

  4. Looks like you are having fun making your hexagons! Great way to use up some scraps! Have a lovely weekend! :) x

  5. I find it very relaxing to prepare hexagons too......great use of scraps.

  6. They look so lovely. I also love using up my tiny scraps. I am currently making 1/2 " hexies in blue and white to take on the plane with me. I have some teeny 1/4" papers but have not been game to try them yet. Really fiddly.

  7. Hexies are such a lovely carry with you project and can be used for so many things.....

    I printed mine on card stock and cut them out........

    I found the free download for any size here.....

  8. I spend way too much time moving my scraps from place to place. :-) Your hexes look wonderful!

  9. Dette er helt meg, og jeg elsker det.


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