Friday, May 29, 2015

Daily threads

The hand quilting is coming along -  and it is nice to sit down for a little while every day, doing some threads.
Not that I was ever doubting the effect of the daily thread, but still I am amazed of how much I can get done with not to much daily effort.

 2 weeks, and the hand quilting has gone from approximately 1/5 done, to approximately 3/4 done! Go me!

(writing with the computer mouse did not do much good for my hand style)

The scrap flowers are coming along too - sort of by a daily thread as well. I need to find some more scraps - maybe from another colour section, to add more fun   :-)


  1. Good work, Hanne! I enjoy seeing your progress. Thank You for all you do with your blog and the "Tour" group. I appreciate you!

  2. hand quilting is an enjoyable way to spend the time and the hexies are looking good too

  3. Beautiful work Hanne! I love both the hand quilting and the lovely hexagon flowers! :) x

  4. Good on you for doing some each day. As you know things do come along nicely with a little each day. Love tge fabrics you have used. Your hexie flowers are very sweet. Well done!

  5. Your elephant eating is going quite well!!! Very nice stitching and I love your new little hexie flowers from scraps!


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