Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hand quilting fun!


I did not expect to have such fun with this old Ufo, doing only a few threads a day!
I love how the fan hand quilting is turning a rather simple layout into a treasure!


Going through every box, drawer and bag - this is my hand quilting thread collection - amongst it even 3 spools of the mauve thread I was so afraid of having lost...........
Oh my - I see some serious hand quilting in my future - like elephant snacks - a little a day.
No need to buy any thread........ :-)



Yli is my favourite hand quilting thread brand, and now ALL my spools of hand quilting thread is in ONE box. I will do my best to keep it like that - yes, I am a tad disorganized at times  :-)

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday,
wherever you are!



  1. Dear Hanne
    Your UFO will be a great quilt. thie HalfCircle Quilting looks perfect. And i also love Yli Yarn.

    Greetings from Germany

  2. I agree...the icing on the cake! Beautiful!

  3. Your quilt is looking really beautiful... Love the fans you are quilting it with... it really brings it to life! :) x

  4. It was a beautiful top but the quilting is making it even better. Lovely vintage look to it. Great collection of spools, pretty and useful!


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