Monday, May 18, 2015

How to eat an elephant


This quilt has been like an elephant in the room for quite some time, and it is the reason I signed it up for my guild's Ufo challenge, finished by first Wednesday in September.

Many many  moons ago, I swapped Jane Stickle blocks with a dear friend - we each made 2 every month, keeping one, sending one off across the ocean.

As much as I loved the blocks, it took some time to find a good fabric for the spacer blocks, and next to find a good border fabric.
The autumn palette is not the closest to my heart, but I like the way it turned out.

Fearless, I started marking the fans for hand quilting, and started doing the with a fabulous mauve hand quilting thread.
Well - my shoulders did not like the hand quilting process much, and the quilt was abandoned after just a few fans done, only to be moved around in my sewing room again and again and again.


Remember, I am practising patience - so I decided a daily nibble of the elephant will eventually do the trick.
When I pulled the quilt out, I really had to do a thorough search to find my hand quilting thread, which was put in a very clever place - not - in a box in the back of a closet - and not together with my other hand quilting thread. I wonder what made me put it there........

The mauve thread colour has been discontinued so it was a question of do or die.
It was not a good option to pull the already done hand quilting out..........even if it was only about 1/5 of the quilt then.


2015-05-15 07.31.08

The tools are out, the marking is progressing - I am marking only one small section at a time, as the chalk is coming out with to much marking all at once.

The thimble is great - thimbles2fit - and the rhythm of hand quilting is coming back.
I have found that my sewing table in the Quilt Corner and the kitchen table has just the right height to support my work nicely.

Hopefully finished in a couple of weeks ??


- Wishing you a good Monday -



  1. the quilt is coming along nicely, Hanne. keep up the good work!

  2. I'm glad that you are going to finish it. A little at a time adds up.

  3. I learned how to eat and elephant from you....

    Right now I am quilting my GFG...

    I am trying to do as Tildy said and put in at least one thread a day....

    Great ideas came to me from the other side of the pond......

  4. Så vacker quilt du håller på med.

  5. What a lovely quilt Hanne and the hand stitching that you have done looks fabulous! Hope you get it finished soon! :) x

  6. beautiful, hand quilting is so soothing.

  7. I love it - and your method to conquer, too. What is the thread color number, I may be able to help you out.

  8. You are so wonderful picking up that quilt again. What quilting thread and number was it? It might still be available over here. Such a nuisance when you have already done a lot. Just like my hexie border fabric that I ran out of and had to unpick and resew. That quilt is well worth your effort. It is looking lovely.

  9. Great story - you'll get there - it is going to be a lovely quilt :-)

  10. That's how I approach all my hand sewing little bit at a time. The fan design looks great.

  11. Quilten er nydelig, og quiltinga også. Går alltid framover om ein berre tek små steg. Det er når ein står i ro det blir halvferdig😄

  12. Det blir kjempefint! Og du kommer nok i mål :-)

  13. Just beautiful... it was you who told me to work on something for just a few minutes a day, to get things done. I don't always do that, but I haven't forgotten your advice.


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