Monday, June 01, 2015

Decorating with quilts

Maybe you remember how my old Quilt Corner looked like,
with a big desk on the wall to the left ?
The old Quilt Corner was a corner in my living room -
now it is our favourite relax spot in the house - one chair for each of us.
Dear husband has his computer and his computer stuff near - like in under the table.
I have my sewing box and good light for hand work.

We change the quilt on the wall every so often. Right now Gossip In the Garden is the eye catcher of the living room :-)

I have had so much fun making this quilt and it has also been a great lesson in patience  :-)
The top was made in 8 weeks - and Merete did a great job on the machine quilting!

I love the concept of focus project - I just need to keep on practising my focusing!

I have promised myself to be better at making labels for my big quilts too - here goes:


  1. Your little nook looks so cosy and relaxing. I love that quilt, it is so pretty. Your label is sweet. Well done!

  2. Your quilt corner is so pretty and inviting. The blue on the chairs is gorgeous. Very lovely.

  3. a very nice cozy corner and perfect for the quilts on the wall!

  4. Your quilt looks lovely. great little nook.

  5. I love your little corner and it looks very cozy there! Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!!! I always enjoy your posts.

  6. Hello Hanne! Love your cosy quilt corner! Your gossip in the garden quilt is beautiful and I love your label! Happy June! :) x

  7. the perfect spot for that wonderful quilt. a cozy little nook for you and your hubby to relax together.

  8. What a cozy area, and I LOVE that quilt!!

  9. I have the urge to sew a quilt and hang it on the wall. Its was beautiful !!!
    You have fairy hands. I love your works.


  10. I love your little cosy snuggly nook, and Gossip in the Garden looks perfect! Mine is still hanging in the shop where I work as a sample, oneday I will have it home and I will have to find a nice cosy nook such as yours to hang it. Is that a Dresden Plate quilt I see???

  11. Your livingromm restyle looks beautyful, such an inviting spot to sit in.
    The quilt is gorgeous.

  12. what a perfect spot to sit together in, quilt is beautiful and wow the label is pretty special too

  13. Det er en vældig fin hyggekrog og quilten er så flot. Rigtig god ide at skifte ud fra tid til anden :-)

  14. Such a comfortable corner. And you have so many beautiful quilts to display! :-)

  15. What a cozy little area. Are those floor lamps? I am trying to find better lighting for my hand sewing area.


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