Thursday, July 09, 2015

Knitting in progress - and not!


When I was younger and had young children I used to knit a lot, hats, mittens, scarfs, socks, wool pants and sweaters, both for my own children, for myself and for gifts.

I gave up knitting bigger things many years ago, as I do not have arms and shoulders for that kind of work anymore.


A couple of years back knitting washcloths and dishcloths became popular here, and I find it both fun and relaxing to do in between. They are very useful too, and make good gifts as well.
I have shopped for a small stash of cotton knitting yarn for the dishcloths - it is the top photo.

Well - sometimes I have the memory span of a mosquito, and I started a sweater for myself for the first time in 10-15 years, a couple of weeks back.
I also had forgot how much movement you need to use to do bigger things, and I had also forgot how much my arms hate that kind of movement and static weight ......


Feel free to laugh - it is on me :-) :-)

First I did not like the colour combination - I changed from the green yarn to purple yarn -  next I did not like the double thread knitting and the fish net pattern - next I misplaced the whole thing and "forgot" all about it!


Today I un-knitted the whole mess and now have another yarn stash for my dishcloths.
I am not making Ufos anymore!
It is a good thing I was knitting in cotton :-)


go with all your heart




  1. Flinke du er lell --- og kor fine farger ;)

    Eg har også strikket -- rekket opp og strikket meir --- kast meg her og kast meg der --ikkje lett og pluselig så er det rett

    ha ein fine dag --- skal du til Bud i helga kanjse ?

    smil - monika

  2. Have you tried using circular needles for larger projects? They take the weight off. I usually use them for most of my knitting. Easier on the hands, arms and shoulders.


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