Thursday, July 09, 2015

Norwegian summer

2015-06-17 14.46.09

Coming home to around 10 degrees C - brrrrr - it was cold, after having had 2 whole weeks of sun and warm weather.
3 days after we returned home we drove to Trondheim (mid-Norway)  to bring home our youngest student daughter and all her belongings.
She now has a degree in Interior Design after 2 years of studying and is currently applying for a full time job.
We are crossing our fingers that she gets a nice job soon.

2015-06-20 08.49.49

On our way south again, we had a nice visit with family up at the west coast.
I love the view from their balcony - the mountains and the fjord.


2015-06-20 08.52.51

My hexagon box has been travelling a lot lately - a stitch here and a stitch there adds up :-)


2015-06-21 00.00.54

On Saturday night up on the west coast we attended a Country Rock concert by a famous Norwegian group called DDE.
See the midnight sky?
The light summer nights is one of the reasons we endure the long, dark winter in this country!

2015-06-21 00.23.442015-06-21 00.23.50

More beautiful midnight sky :-)



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