Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stonefields quilt - more blocks - and hitting a Bingo


It is fun to work Bingo style - picking blocks here and there,
and it is like a prize to hit a true Bingo :-)
Here is Bingo on month no. 2  (above) + close-ups of the latest finished blocks below.



Yesterday I learned that Coriene, from whom I purchased my Stonefields pattern won the Viewers Choice prize + 2nd prize in the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham with The Stonefields Quilt this year made by her + machine quilted by Kay Bell! How great!

Congratulations Coriene + Kay - I am so proud of you!
Your quilt is so lovely and a great inspiration to me :-)

small steps

every stitch counts!



  1. Anonymous1:59 am

    These are so pretty, I'm really being tempted to get the Stonefields pattern and make a start. This is going to be a beautiful quilt. Happy appliquing!

  2. your blocks are coming along so quickly. The quilt looked lovely at FOQ and was always being admired by loads of ladies. A delight to the eyes. Way beyond me but I could appreciate that loads of work had gone into creating it

  3. Dear Hanne,
    your blocks are coming out great, they look very pretty.

  4. LOVE your blocks!

  5. All your blocks are beautiful. You have been very busy stitching. It is fun picking blocks at random. Well done.

  6. You are making progress on your Stonefields blocks.
    I have been loving your pale sweet colors.


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