Thursday, January 07, 2016

Happy new 2016!

Wishing you the very best for the new year 2016, wherever you are!

Here we have some quite cold days, bringing the special clear winter light  and the beautiful frosted branches we can get here sometimes during winter.

Like earlier years, I like to start the new year with some finishes, and I do have a plan for 2016 that gives room for finishes and starts in a good mix.

My plan for 2016  is * 1 for 1 + 6 *
For every start there must be (at least) one finish + 6 other WISP / Ufo finishes through 2016. 

The napkin rings above is an old blackwork in red kit that finally was finished the other day -
so so far, 1 finish for 2016 - not bad!
The napkin rings were fun to do, but if you are in to cross stitch - blackwork, you will also know cross stitch is rather slow work, and I sort of lost interest at some point, being my curious self.
I bought the embroidery kit at Lappemakeriet a few years ago.

I planned to have these napkin rings ready for Christmas in 2015, but no such luck.
As the décor in my home goes well with red all year, all year napkin rings they are. They fit well in the candy (godis) bowl and the bowl fits well on my kitchen window sill above the kitchen table,
so one can grab a napkin whenever one needs one.
They make me smile daily too, which is a good thing :-)
I love to decorate with functional things!

I know I have a backlog to take care of on this blog from late 2015 - but instead of getting overwhelmed, I am jumping in where I am, and will eventually catch up :-)

Wishing you a lovely day!



  1. Eg likar planen din, Hanne! Eg må smile kvar gong du legg ut eit bilete av temperaturmålaren din... Og broderia dine er berre heilt fantastiske.

  2. Good sound plans! All the best wishes for 2016 for you too

  3. Happy new year Hanne. I like your approach to stitching this year. Love those napkin rings and I can see why you took so long to make them but they are beautiful. I also rather like your table mat. Enjoy your stitching journey this year. Angel hugs.

  4. all the best for you and yours for 2016. Som good plans you have, you seem to make so many beautiful things in such a short time, I follow you on instagram but do not understand about hash tags etc having a lesson on m tablet today so maybe will be able to do more i=on instagram then

  5. The napkin rings look very pretty. Best wishes to you and your family for 2016.


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