Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Alle Fugler BOM finish

2016-07-04 13.55.00

I have debated with myself whether to blog backwards or to start “at the beginning” of my writer’s block, which really has been quite a while, but I have decided to do a little of both.

It has been busy in Quilt Corner in 2016 – not with starts really, but with many finishes, both big and small.
I know I have blogged about Alle Fugler BOM quilt before, and now it is all done, binding and all.

Nothing beats the feeling of a finished big Ufo, ever!

I bought this BOM from Northern Quilt – the design is Northern Quilt & Helene Juul.
It came as a kit in 2010, and it is still for sale.

Merete Ellingsen has done the machine quilting.

So much happened in 2010.
We had a death in the family and life in general was bumpy, so the first 3 months of this BOM got stuck in a box until autumn of 2015, when I decided to make this quilt one of my focus projects.
With the supportive cheering from friends, I could do it!

It was recently finished, and my husband likes the quilt so much I now have given it to him.

2016-07-04 13.55.33

2016-07-04 13.55.26

2016-07-04 13.55.51

The striped binding, which I really think lifted the whole quilt, I found recently at Lappemakeriet.

This is how this Alle Fugler quilt process has been:

which step did you reach today



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  1. Such a lovely quilt! :-)

  2. A wonderful finish with such a beautiful quilt. You are amazing. Love it. Hope this year brings you an abundance of all good things from now.

  3. She is so pretty! I love the browns and blues together. Your applique looks lovely. Blessings, Gretchen


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