Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jack of many trades


I had so stopped knitting …….. but a woman is entitled to change her mind, right ? ;-)

I have occasionally been known to knit socks on 5 needles, which is fun too - and not to heavy on my arms.

Bamboo knitting needles happened, and the dishcloth-mania hit hard here in Norway.

There is a lovely group on Facebook, called Bittamis Design for strikkelystne,  by the Norwegian knit designer Bitta Mikkelsborg, who has written books on socks and dishcloths.
She is generously giving out free patterns for dishcloths! I love them!

Last summer I joined Bitta's dishcloth-along, and I have knitted many dishcloths, both for my own use and for gifts.

I knit in 100 % cotton, and the dishcloths holds up very well when washed.

There is a dishcloth-along going on right now too, and we are now on week 4, with one new pattern being released every Monday. 4 down, 1 to go.
There were also 2 waiting-for-the-dishcloth-along-to-start, so all in all 7 different patterns.


I try to use from the yarn I have in the house already, so I am sort of "testing" different brands of 100 % cotton.
I have a few favourites by now, and a couple of not so favourite yarns, even if all the dishcloths have turned out well when done.
I do not like yarn that is splitting - if you are a knitter, you know what I mean.


I wonder how all these purple yarn balls found their way into my house………… hmmmm………. I guess it is fairly obvious that I like purple :-)


The observant eye with spy that I have one favourite amongst this year's dishcloth patterns.

A ball of yarn and a circular needle always fit in my purse. It is easy to knit and chat at the same time, even when the light is not as good as what I need for stitchery and patchwork.

happy moments2

 Wishing you a creative day
wherever you are!



  1. A beautiful selection of lovely dishcloths in your house. They look too good to use! Did you see my circular crocheted ones on my blog?

  2. a great selection of patterns on your dis cloths far too nice to use for washing dishes.
    I remember as a yonng child (along time ago) being taught to knit by an old lady and we did plain dishcloths just the knit stitch

  3. So pretty and I love all the pretty colors! I wish I could knit, but it looks too complicated. You have many talents!


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