Monday, August 08, 2016

Small threads of this and that in Quilt Corner

IMG_061971437c3b0dda77e79e7412420543 (1)

These late summer days are filled with small threads mostly -
Some knitting while visiting with family- isn’t auntie L’s flowers great? She is 92 years old and still going strong with her garden and flowers!

Some crochet watching TV. The potholders were a gift for the same lovely auntie Smile


and more stitchery as good as every day – at least 3 threads or more, every day.




I am sure you already have figured out that I love doing these stitcheries?
Now I have done 22 – and there are only 10 more to do.



Lately have have started doing some bullet journaling, and I find it is fun, and make me stay very on the straight and narrow when it comes to keeping to my goals.

For the duration of the Olympic Games I have a weekly to do list, which this week includes 4 projects.

The light green dishcloth on the first photo is done - check

3 of 4 stitcheries for United Stitches quilt are done

I am working on my Chimney Log cabin quilt top – it will be a donation quilt, all from stash.
I really need some stash reducing!

1 Ufo – not yet worked on.


The chimney log cabin quilt will be 6 by 8 blocks when it is done.
My sewing machine and my arms are not on good speaking terms just now, but hopefully that will be better shortly!


one step at a time


Wishing you a wonderful day
wherever you are!



  1. Your stitcheries look beautiful. I have prepared some of these to take on holidays.

  2. Love those embroidery blocks!!

  3. Love your cute stitcheries and your knitted cloths are so nice. They look really soft. I hope you manage to get that gorgeous quilt finished as I really want to see it completed. Well done!

  4. Eg har sagt det før, men må seie det igjen, stitchinga di er fantastisk! Du må ha mykje betre briller enn meg.....
    Eg har sydd eitt slikt teppe etter kurset ditt, det fekk eine søstra mi, kvilta med fleece på baksida.
    Far fint med armane dine då!

  5. Nydelige log cabin-blokker - det der må jeg prøve! Kjempestilig!


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