Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What makes an Ufo - and what makes it move again.

2016-08-24 13.05.34

Through this year I have very much focused on finishing my Ufos,
of which I have many (yet).

In the process I have met some mind boggling truths, and come to a deeper appreciation of who I am in my creative process.

First of all - fabric kits are not my thing!

I like this table cloth, I love the pattern (which I have managed to misplace), I love the fabrics in the pinwheels, the rest of the fabrics not so much, but the whole thing had to be bought as a kit when purchased.

I did not like the fabrics in this kit for the sashing, which made this project come to a halt several years ago. I found some other fabric to suit my taste in my own fabric collection. Then I did not like the fabric for the corner triangles - another halt. Another dive in my own fabric collection - and then the whole project was put to the side.
I thought back then that I had to find a grey fabric to match the side triangles - I could not find any that I really loved, in spite of shopping several. 
I was bored! It was not fun anymore!

Well - there is no time like the present, so I dived in to my fabric collection this morning, following my heart for a light border, and now a piece of the light fabric to the left is in the washing machine.

Yellow sticker note to self -
Do not buy kits unless you love all the fabrics.
You can wait for the pattern to be sold separately at a later point!
Buy only fabrics that you love!

Goal: I want this table cloth finished asap!

goalsWishing you a creative day
where you are



  1. sometimes I buy kits for the fabric if they are on sale at great discounts. Then I decide later how to use them and possibly even for a different pattern entirely -

  2. Oh, I hear you about kits!...
    But you are doing very good to finish your ufo now - congratulations!- and it will be lovely!
    It just waited for you to find the right border fabric! :)
    Looking forward to see the picture of the finished quilt!
    Best wishes!

  3. das wird sicher ein ganz tolles quilttuch wenn es nach ihren vorstellungen fertiggestellt ist.
    ich kaufe keine kits, will meine eigene kreation machen, weil da habe ich mehr spass beim nähen.
    viel freude beim fertigstellen, freue mich schon es fertig zu sehen.
    schöne restwoche noch
    lg elfriede

  4. Det er så kjekt å lese innlegga dine og sjå prosjekta. Eg trur du er ein inspirator for mange!

  5. I seldome buy kits as I don't like seeing my work exactly the same as everyone elses! Good to see you have a plan for this - good luck with finishing!!

  6. I have bought a couple of kits but only because I loved the fabrics. The latest one is a cot quilt for my 1st grandchild due in February. If you don't like the fabrics or the colours it becomes a chore rather than fun. It is also good to put something aside for a while to rethink. Well done.

  7. wonderful advice! I have stopped buying kits and fabric for now unless I have a plan for it, so many fabrics in my stash that I loved years ago, unused and unloved now - I am about to have another major clear out :)

  8. Great advice!! I have a kit I bought a long time ago, because it was such a bargain. I like the fabric, but the not the pattern. ha ha

  9. I agree with you re buying kits. I like my own unique combination rather than exactly the same fabrics as everyone else as well.

  10. This one reminds me of my kit too. Know I have finished the top....did I quilt it...or did I put it in a box. I really do not remember now, so I guess it is put away in a box. Good luck finishing yours :)

  11. Es muy bonito el quilt, pero estas en lo cierto, los trabajos que no se terminan, luego pueden ser más pesados de terminar y hay que modificar alguna tela.

  12. Pretty work! Have a great week ♥


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