Monday, September 19, 2016

Busy month - Focus Fun


Focus is good - focus brings my projects forward, step by step, stitch by stitch :-)
The table cloth from last post is finished and I am very happy about it.
It is perfect for my coffee table!


Another finish is this heart cushion, and I like it very much!

I love hearts, and these hearts are a celebration of the most important things in my life -
my precious family, my love of creating, my lovely home and my good friends.
I am so grateful for all these things and what they represent to me!


I guess I am a not-so-secret knitter, knitting more and more, in between other fibre activities…..
I enjoy browsing Ravelry, and found this shawl (Løvlisjal / Lovely Leaf Shawl)  by a Norwegian designer, Strikkelisa.  I had great fun knitting it, and I am looking forward to use it a lot through the upcoming winter.

If you have followed my blog a while, you will know that I am not much of a brown / beige person.
Well - when doing renovation in Quilt Corner this summer I had to move EVERYTHING out of my room, and when putting things back, it became very obvious that I have A LOT of beige and brown fabrics that have accumulated over the years.

There is no better way of shrinking a stash than to use it, so I will be making brown and beige quilts for charity - Tepper som varmer - through the winter. These 2 big quilts below hardly made a dent in my beige and brown stash and they are both 60" by 80".
I have friends who will machine quilt them both - I can do what I like best - make tops!

It feels good to brighten someone's day with a quilt!



go with all your heart 2

Wishing you a wonderful day
wherever you are!


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  1. lots going on here love the pin wheel and the charity quilts look so good. Have plans to makes stris from the childlike fabrics I have and make baby quilts like the jelly roll one think it will work


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