Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

The first morning coffee in the new year has been had – and it tasted so good!

I am sitting in a quiet house – the love of my life is still sleeping – and from my window I can see the day is waking up, slowly.
How did 2016 go?
It was a year filled with all kinds of things – laughter and tears, hopes and fears, victories and losses.

I set out on a personal journey of living with less and make more room for myself in Quilt Corner. I also had a quite ambitious goal of finishing more than I started quilt and craft wise.
I must admit I have not counted to close, but from what I can see ( and feel ) I did succeed.
The photo above is just 9 of my many favourites of the year.

From being a quilter through and through for many years, I have taken up embroidery, crochet and knitting again too, and all put joy and sparkles into my life and my days.

My goals for 2017 are as follows:
Keeping on keeping on with my living with less project.
Keeping on enjoying quilting, embroidery, knitting, crochet and more.
Do something that makes my heart sing, every day.

At the beginning of the year 2016 I decided to start saving the spools I emptied – I was very inspired by my friend B.

It was a fun project, that ended up with all these spools, all in all 3100 meters of thread.

You might say that some of these spools may not be full from the beginning, which is right, and I will say that in addition to these empty spools I have also used from other spools not yet emptied + a lot of already filled bobbin spools + my favorite hand piecing thread and my applique / English paper piecing thread.
My glass jar is now empty, waiting for the empty spools of 2017!
I hope and pray 2017 will be a good year, for all of us!


  1. Such a lovely post. Good to see you blogging again. Those projects are all so lovely and you have achieved so much. I wish you an abundance of all good things to come this year. I often think of you when I look at your little angel you made for me. She is always hanging up in my family room. Angel hugs to you.

  2. Godt nytt år, Hanne! Du er så flink og standhaftig og greier å nå måla dine! Det er imponerande kor nydeleg arbeid du gjer, om det er lappeteknikk, brodering, strikking eller hekling! Håper at du er bra på helsefronten og!

  3. Godt nyttår, Hanne! Ønsker deg et riktig godt og kreativt 2017! Klem fra meg :-)

  4. lots of wonderful makes you have shared today. Good plans for 2017 too happy new year to you and DH

  5. So many beautiful finishes for 2016! and what a great way to start 2017! Love and peace to you for a blessed 2017, and many happy stitches!

  6. Beautiful things in 2016 and I am sure there will be more in 2017. Loved your goals. It made me remember and realize I have not been embroidering much lately. I need to add that to my goals! Happy New Year.


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