Sunday, January 15, 2017

I promise………..


I promise to have fun in Quilt Corner every day, come rain or shine :-)

Sometimes that will be embroidery, other times it will be knitting, crochet, and most times it will be quilting and fabric related.

I will not promise to finish all my Ufos. not in 2017, not ever, and I will not stop shopping, or use all that I have here before shopping more.

Not long ago I was asked to front a No Shopping challenge……
Sorry, that is not me - I believe in supporting our shops - if we do not support our quilt shops, craft shops and yarn shops, soon we will be without any!
Most of our shops are independent and need our business continuously!

I promise to use from what I have, AND add new fabrics, patterns, books and yarn when I feel like it, guilt free - that's me in a nut shell :-)
I love to mix and match fabrics, and I will always need some new "spices" in any project.

In 2017 - I promise - to take care of myself in every way best to my health - feeding my body and soul with what is most important to me.
Sometimes that will mean I will retreat to Quilt Corner instead of being out and about, to keep away from people with colds and influenzas, or just to recharge my batteries.
If I am tired I will keep quiet, even on the blog, which is what has happened over the last couple of weeks. I had other plans at the beginning of the year, but you know, the best laid plans of men and mice…….
When I am tired, I do enjoy hand work so much - winter is not my season physically - and I feel that more year by year.
I am counting my blessings every day when I enjoy my books, my projects and all - they add sparkles to any day, both the good and the not so good.

I promise to keep up keeping up with my focus projects - and am starting a 1for1+6,2017 challenge for myself.
For every new start there must be at least 1 finish, + 6 more finishes through the year.
I did a similar challenge for myself in 2016 too, and even if I did not count to closely I know I finished more than I started, for what that is worth for me.

I have picked some focus projects to start the new year:


Knitting, stitchery, free hand embroidery, machine piecing and making a quilt from last year's stitchery - all this should keep me busy for a while.

I do not promise to keep on track with my focus project all the time, but sometimes is better than not at all ;-)

I solemny swear

Wishing you a lovely day
wherever you are



  1. I so love your attitude Hanne!! Each year I say I will try to not buy more and each year I buy more - I say I will finish what I start before starting more - and then I start more anyhow -- why say it to begin with!! We need new inspiration all the time. New fabrics are beautiful and so are the new patterns. And if we do not buy they will not make them eventually. While we are on this earth we need to enjoy-- and if we have a sewing room full of things when we leave I'm sure someone will have the sense to pass them on to others.

  2. Excellent promise. I especailly like the guilt free part. :-D

  3. deine einstellung ist auch meine und ich kann sie nur unterstreichen. mach weiter so und geniesse jeden tag ob gut oder schlecht!
    lg elfriede

  4. Godt nytt år!

    Godt skrevet! Vi har fortjent å hygge oss og inspireres med stoffer, bøker, diverse. Fortsett med det!

  5. Sounds like 2017 will be a wonderful year. I enjoy the inspiration you share through your blog.

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, we should all embrace them. Your UFO projects look lovely. I especially like the pile of embroidered blocks. I look forward to seeing what you do with them. Blessings! Gretchen

  7. Great way to start the year! Positivity and purpose!!
    I can make the same promises! I will support quilt shops and designers! I will feed my creativity! I will work on projects already in progress. I will nourish myself!
    Thanks for your inspiration! <3 and happy 2017 to you also, my friend!!!

  8. Eg må seie meg einig med deg i alt dette, Hanne! Det er ein fornøyelse å lese refleksjonane dine på engelsk!
    Ha ei fin veke!

  9. so many good plans you have shared with us today, a few I might take on too, must tackle flimsies and turn them into the completed quilts it is the sandwiching up that I so dread.
    Hope you are feeling well now and keeping arm with the cold weather wrap up well and yes hand stitching so relaxing to while away a few hours. I see ypou have the tula pink book loved doing those blocks, one of the first things I tackled when I started out maybe I will do them again one day but not scrappy as I did last time

  10. What a lovely post, your attitude to life and quilting is great! As quilters, we are often made to feel so guilty about our stash of fabrics and books and also our tendency to start new projects before finishing an old one and your post has come as a refreshing and inspiring change - thank you!

  11. LOvely to "see" you again. It is most important not to put any pressure on ourselves, just personal goals. I agree with you regarding supporting local patchwork shops. I try to use what I have but I also buy new fabrics etc, So good that you are looking after yourself, body and soul. Great that you can retreat to our quilt corner when you are tired. Sometimes, I am beyond that but other times it is great therapy. I love the projects you are doing and that embroidery looks rather sweet. Do you have the name of it? Sending you many angel hugs.

  12. Love what you wrote about winter. It isn't mine season eather. Although I love snow and the fress are when its freezing outside... And you are right... it gets worse eache year... *Ü*...

    Good of you to set some goals...


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