Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A simpler life


I like to cook and I like to save and I like to eat healthy, because I deserve it :-)
If I save where I can,  I have more for what is the more important to me, that's simple math, sort of.

When the simple life / declutter movement hit, I saw that several declutter experts said to get rid of your slow cooker. It takes up to much room - not!
I love to chop up vegetables and make soups and stews from scratch, and find that my slow cooker is great.
Slow cookers are relatively new here in Norway.


I bought my slow cooker this winter and it is the best thing I have bought in the kitchen. I use it every week and it saves me so much energy.
I can prepare dinner early, when my energy level is good and just set the cooker to simmer.
Nothing makes me feel better than a good home cooked meal when dear husband comes home from work, especially when I have a tired day.

Today I cleaned out my fridge - a lot of different vegetables past their crispest date but still good,  some leftover meat from the weekend and some sausages - and, voila, a nice stew to serve with rice on the side - also enough for having some tomorrow - more energy saved :-)

For dessert, cut up water melon, crisp apples and a drizzle of blueberries.


I am on a 30 days without added sugar (or sweeteners) challenge with my oldest daughter - today is day 14 of 30.

Exceptions from the rule are birthdays, and we celebrated one of those this weekend. I had a piece of 2 cakes - they tasted good, but to sweet really. My body did not like the sweet to much…..
My taste buds are getting more sensitive - everything sweet, like fresh fruits, taste so much sweeter, and salty snacks do not taste me at all.

I enjoy how my body reacts to my sugar free diet -
I can not say I am less tired, but I do sleep better and my muscle aches less.
Sugar fuels inflammation - I do not need more of those - I am very motivated to make my lifestyle less sugar sweet in the future.

be good to you

Enjoy your day, wherever you are



  1. Looks delicious,keep up the sugar free diet.

  2. We got crock pots for a wedding gift 40 years ago. I couldn't have raised my children without crockpots. Put the food in there and then go do whatever needs to be done. I won't tell you how many crockpots I have. Suffice it to say, I have a size for every need. Eating healthy is great. I'm glad you can see a difference.

  3. Oh I love my slow cooler I use it all the time.......

  4. I've had a slow cooker since the 70's - love it now and, like you, it goes on at least once a week.

  5. I bought a slow cooker for my daughter Catherine last year and she loves it too, your stew sounds very tasty

  6. Yum! I enjoy my slow cooker as well! Not only does it make for a delicious and nutritious meal at the end of the day.... but, the aromas of it cooking all day make the house feel so cozy! :-) Congrats on filtering out the added sugar in your diet!

  7. What a huge difference in such a small amount of time! Well done you!


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