Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday blessings


You know you like working small when 1/2 inch hexagons feel big.

Since deciding being super serious about the fabric diet, I have been sorting even more, and I find that I can not throw out scraps ( I knew that from before) - and I have a lot of small scraps.

Well - you know, scraps not used are just scraps, scraps used are gems and like a walk in the memory book of life.

It is not like playing with scraps make a dent in the fabric collection, but right now I am playing just for the sake of playing, no plans.

May you find colourful scraps
to play with too



  1. Wow! Love those little red Hexigons. I do have lots of small scraps but I keep trying to use them up. They just seem to multiply though. Scrap quilts are always a joy to make and see what great designs come from fabrics that just don't always go together but still look great. Have a good day.

  2. These are going to make pretty hearts. I'm enjoying all your posts. Happy stitching!

  3. Gems! What a nice way of thinking about it. I’m going to be looking at my scraps in a whole new way. :-)

  4. Love your hexies the colours are just beautiful. I have enjoyed reading our posts.

  5. half inch hexies are small never done any under 1". Love scraps they make great quilts but as much as I have made scrap blocks the pile never seems to get smaller!

  6. Lovely! I know what you mean as I also keep scraps for appliques and little hexies. I am using 1/2 inch hexies in blue and white but I have now run out of the scraps lol. It is an ongoing project I do when travelling anywhere.


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