Monday, April 09, 2018

Inviting you in


Welcome in!

I have debated with myself for a while if I should invite you in to Quilt Corner…..
Here it is - I am making myself accountable in the quest to reduce what I have :-)
Thanks for all the support so far!

I have batting downstairs and a some stuff in the next room too, so as you see, I am not out of neither fabrics nor lovely inspiration in the form of books and patterns :-)

We are getting our house viewed by real estate agents today, to know what we have to spend on an apartment.
The square meter price on apartments are much higher (like double) than on houses. I wonder what we will have to loan in between….
I am crossing my fingers for a good sale price estimate!
I guess the real estate agents have not seen to many quilt rooms in their time.




Happy Monday, wherever you are!



  1. it looks really nice. I hope it all works out well. Take care from Iowa

  2. Downsizing is always difficult, but I think you're making good progress and isn't it fun to see patterns and fabric that's been hidden away for awhile. I did this in my sewing room last year and will continue to do some more this year as well😊....good luck on your house sake

  3. Goodluck. I hope everything works out best it can.......


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