Saturday, April 07, 2018

Overwhelmed and under-impressed!

7. april

Retail therapy is _out_ !

I am trying to organize my fabrics and all, to make us ready for a possible sale of our house and a possible move to an apartment, at best, half the size of our house. House = 1900 square feet / 180 square meters

I am overwhelmed and under-impressed with all that I find (and myself) here - the photo just showing a fraction of it all!

Since end of April last year, all I have bought are about 2 meters, but since I broke my foot last summer, I have not been very active at the sewing machine …..

The surgeon said the healing of the foot could take up to 1 year, and she was right.
Trough this year I have grown to prefer hand piecing, stitchery and knitting even more than before, so much more than sewing machine work.
It does not make much of a dent in my fabric collection though.

5. mars

These lovely spring fabrics - the before mentioned 2 meters, I bought at Lappemakeriet March 5th.

In a new apartment, the Quilt Corner will have to shrink to about half of what it is today….. no storage here there and everywhere……

I can do it!


Wishing you a creative day,
wherever you are!



  1. I do a lot by hand also and the fabric doesn't move quickly does it. I need to stop buying also and use what I have. Good luck in apartment hunting and selling the house

  2. beautiful fabric, good luck

  3. Oh yes, it can be done. I had to do it 3 years ago, and now I am happy in my new (much smaller) work space :-) Good luck!

  4. Good luck with the fabric reducing. Once it's accomplished, you probably won't miss that fabric at all. Just a tip, there is plenty of room under the bed for storage. Blessings!

  5. It took me a little over a year....but, I did reduce my stash to just under half of what it was (by selling & donating). My incentive was moving too! While I haven't moved yet, just having less is a happier, lighter feeling...and it eases my mind to know that I am ready to move when I find the right house! You can do this!!! :-)

  6. Oh my! Good luck to you. After moving I discovered I have a shocking number of UFOs. My plan is to work until the room is nearly empty. Of course I also wonder if I'll live that long. :-) You are doing the right thing.


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