Saturday, January 05, 2019

A finish, a plan

Happy New Year everyone!

It is so good to be back in blog land - I am so happy to see you all again, I so enjoy writing again - my brain starts working like a blogger - and I know you know what I mean!

This will be a year without any resolutions - I dislike resolutions, intensely!
I feel like it is setting myself up for failure on purpose.

Off course I will eat chocolate,
off course I will buy fabrics,
off course I will never ever finish 15 Ufos before starting anything new.

I do however have a plan - I want to make this new Quilt Corner the best Quilt Corner ever,
so Ufos will be finished, every now and then, moderation will be shown when shopping too!

I finished this year's first Ufo today.
This hankie was started in 2018. The hankie fabric is from the late 70s, so it is sort of vintage.

Happy Saturday, wherever you are!



  1. Hi Hanne,
    I love your approach to New Year Resolutions. Your plans seem emminently sensible. I, too, have some handkerchiefs from the 70s whose crochet edges are unfinished, but they aren't even included when I think about UFOs. Thank you for taking the time to blog. Blogging seems to be getting replaced by much faster forms of social media, but I think blogging is a far more personal and enjoyable way to communicate.
    Happy New Year

  2. A lovely lace handkerchief and string of pearls and no resolutions . . . sounds like a perfect year :)

  3. lovely hankie, goes well with the pearls

  4. I am going to follow your guidelines Hanne! No pressure just enjoy the process and eat chocolate!!!!

  5. Great goals, and love your hankie!

  6. The edge work on the hanky looks so delicate! I don't know what type of needlework it but it's lovely. Have a great week stitching!

  7. Denne ufoen er berre så nydeleg og delikat. Dette kan du, Hanne! Lukke til med alt i 2019!

  8. The hankie is gorgeous. Can't wait to see more of Q uilt Corner and your projects this year!

  9. Your hankie is so beautiful. Well done. Bev.

  10. Great mindset and Lovely work on the hankie!

  11. Such a beautiful delicate work you did in that hankie... lovely!

  12. Very beautiful. I love the pearls as well :-) So nice to see you back in your quilt corner.


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