Thursday, June 20, 2019

One day at a time........

 141 days ......
141 days ago I broke and crushed my upper arm and shoulder so bad I had no use of my left arm.

A bad and very unfortunate fall made me break my left upper arm, crush the shoulder joint, tear muscles and tendons.

It was up in the air if I ever could be able to sew and knit again, and it was up in the air if I ever could drive a car again.
(Just so you know, it was the surgeon's words, not my own "pessimism" as someone tried to tell me the day after my surgery)

After a big surgery and a lot of rehabilitation workout and physiotherapy I am on the road to recovery, even if my arm will never be back to its old normal. I might need to have more surgery, but not right now.

I know that all people wants all the best for their friends,
but I found it hard to share here until I again was able to do some sewing and again able to drive for shorter distances.

Thanks to a very stubborn attitude, I was able to start doing stitchery after only a couple of weeks after my surgery.
In the beginning it was like 5 stitches a day, and it took me an hour, and now I can do more.
I am sure you can relate to the feeling of joy when I found that I could move my fingers and had some left hand grip. It was like birthday, Christmas and everything good at the same time.

This huge stitchery project above, Stitch Therapy 365, by Helen Stubbings, has been my lifeline and daily joy.
As soon as I found I could move my fingers I called Kathrines Quilte Stue and placed an order for the panel.
I though I could do it, come rain or shine, if only a few stitches a day.

I have missed writing - see you soon!



  1. ach du arme, ich wünsche dir alles alles gute damit du bald wieder weitersticken kannst
    lg elfriede

  2. I'm so sorry for your accident and pain but very proud of your determination on the road to recovery. Keep that positive attitude.

  3. O dear glad you are on the mend. Sending good thoughts for your recovery. So good that you are now able to stitch again.

  4. Oh, my friend, how very good to “see” you back blogging. Your amazing determination is enviable! Needlework of any kind is therapeutic for the body and soul. Prayers for your continued healing. Sending hugs, too. Vonnie

  5. I'm glad to hear from you again, I had wondered where you were. Sorry about the fall but I'm glad you progressing. Never underestimate the determination of stitchers! The embroideries are very pretty. Happy Stitching!

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your accident and happy you are able to stitch again.

  7. Oh bless you!! I’m so sorry about your accident. And I know how much you enjoy stitching! I wish you a full recovery! I like the 365 stitch panel. Yours is great!

  8. So pleased that you are recovering. I have loved watching your stitching grow.

  9. So lovely to read your posts. I enjoy instagram but love the story that you get on a blog. You have done so well with your stitching after all the trauma of your arm. Your Stitch Therapy 365 is looking beautiful.

  10. Huff, så uheldig du har vært. Jeg meldte meg på kurs hos deg på NFQ årsmøtehelgen, men jeg skjønner jo hvorfor det ble avlyst! Veldig godt å høre at du i alle fall er på bedringens vei. Selv har jeg også gått på trynet og forstuet hånden ganske så kraftig, og sliter med det ennå - to måneder siden fallet.

  11. It's really but terrible that things in our life can change so quickly..... So pleased you gave us of your arm again and can stitch...... Keep up the physio.....

  12. Catching up after time away. So sad to hear of your fall but thankful that you are recovering. I am also working on 365 Stitch Therapy. I did well the first two months but then life intervened and I was forced to put it away for awhile. Saturday I got it out again and am once again happily stitching away.

    Think of you often and praying for continued recovery.


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