Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Reaching for the moon


Long time no writing.
I miss writing and I miss the blog community, and still I have not done more than thinking about it. 

Actions speaks louder than words :-)

I have been more drawn to Instagram, since one has to jump through more hoops in the process of blogging, but this year dealing with the pandemic and a long, long lock down has changed a lot, in many ways, and if nothing else, time is in abundance.
I am making sewing plans for the rest of the year too.

I am very grateful for the generosity of many of the designers around the world, who have made sew-alongs, and kept us going in our sewing rooms at home, through these difficult months, when we have been isolated from friends and family in real life, due to Covid restrictions.

One can never have to many project pouches. I have made a few, and I will make more. 

This one has a lovely stitchery by Natalie Bird, The Birdhouse, on one side and clear vinyl on the other side. I have not had a pattern for the pouch, but it is quite easy to figure out.

I am happy to say that my family has made it through without being sick, so far. 
I hope you and your loved ones are well too.

Wishing you a wonderful day 



  1. das freut mich wieder einmal etwas auf deinem blog zu lesen. gut dass du auch viele projekte im vorrat hast so geht diese zeit gut an uns vorbei.pass gut auf dich auf und bleib gesund
    liebe grüsse aus österreich elfriede

  2. so lovely to see you blogging again Hanne.......Yes blogger does keep throwing us curved balls and making it harder every change they make........
    What a lovely project from Natalie.
    Pleased to hear your family has all stayed well during covid.......

  3. I'm glad to hear from you again and that you are safe and healthy. I think all quilters did a lot of stitching this last year. Happy stitching!

  4. Hello again! I follow you on Instagram too. I enjoy getting lost in all the beautiful photos there! Cute little bag you made.

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments :-)

    Hugs from Hanne

  6. What a lovely little pouch with a the stitcheries and nice fabric combination.


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