Thursday, May 20, 2021

All these little stitches


Joyful Journey by Kathy Schmitz has been so fun to do.  

Just give me something to stitch and plenty of black coffee - I will be a happy camper.

I finished the quilt top in October 2020, when I was away with my sewing group for our annual quilt retreat.
I have not hand quilted anything big for a very long time. I plan to hand quilt this one after summer, when it is nice and cosy to sit under a quilt.

My plan is to make this my one of my daily threads projects.

Spring is not working very good this year - it is raining a lot. 
It is perfect for working in my sewing room though.

There is a sunny side to most things in life 

Wishing you a wonderful day, wherever you are 



  1. I love Kathy Schmitz. Your quilt top is gorgeous. That’s a LOT of little stitches! Are you in her Facebook group? You should share this photo there.

  2. Looks great....I must get a stitchery out and do some again.... Be plenty there in progress.....

  3. It's nice to see your blogging! I really miss blogging. Your project is beautiful, Hanne. It's been quite awhile since I've done any hand embroidery.

    Enjoy your daily stitches!

  4. Oh Hanne, that quilt top is just stunning. I am inspired by your stitching. Looking forward to seeing your quilting progress.

  5. Beautiful quilt, wonderful embroidery. Happy quilting!

  6. Nice finished top, what a wonderful piece of labor.

  7. Congratulations on this beautiful finished quilt top.


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