Monday, May 30, 2022

Making a list, checking it twice


A while ago I gave myself a limit of 2 ongoing knittings at a time, and it has worked so well. 

I have found that mindset is good for my creativity and my will to finish what I start.
Did I mention I now have only 1 knitting on the needles, but have the freedom of starting one more, if I really feel like it?
It is time for my stitchery projects to get the same "treatment" 💓

Here you see 4 unfinished stitcheries:
The red Christmas project is Merry Little Christmas by Kathy Schmitz
2 small stitcheries by Anni Downs, Hatched and Patched. They go into the same project, but still 2 unfinished.
The last stitchery is from Snow Days by Crabapple Hill Designs - I am unsure if it is my 10th or 11th block of 12.

In addition to the stitcheries I have 2 other pieced patchwork projects + a hand quilting project I want to move towards the finishing line this week.  

Never a dull moment, right?
I probably have some more stitcheries here, somewhere, but I choose to focus on many small victories instead of beeing overwhelmed with whatever I may find.

I do like Mondays. It is like fresh start, every week. 

After physiotherapy and workout I will be back for stitches and coffee - a good start to a good week 💓

May your day be good, wherever you are 



  1. Love the redwork stitchery. Everytime i see yours i think i'll get the pattern but so far resisting. :) Good to see you on Zoom. Hugs, xx

  2. Your projects look lovely.

  3. ganz tolle stickereien hast du da in arbeit,viel spass und abwechslung muss auch sein
    lg elfriede

  4. Enjoy your hand stitching, you've got some lovely projects in progress!

  5. A good start to the week. Lovely projects to finish.

  6. You appear to be very organized—- something I am NOT. Your stitcheries are wonderful! Keep going!!

  7. you always have plenty of stitcheries to choose from if there are several........

  8. Wonderful projects Hanne, looking forward to see them grow.


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