Friday, May 13, 2022

Something Old And Something New


I am naming and claiming projects, just like we did when Kris and Peg hosted OPAM (One Project A Month) many moons ago.
Being part of Chookyblue's Zoom group is very inspiring, and is so nice to chat and sew with friends from all over the world. 
It is productive and fun to find something in my sewing room and finish it, to use myself, or to put in the gift box. Maybe I have all the Christmas gifts early this year? One can but dream 😁💓

This big block I made in a class with Camille Roskelley many years ago.
I liked the block, but I never felt like doing a big quilt with this block.

As from today it is decorating my veranda table. I have not machine quilted much at all in the last 3 years, and I feel a bit rusty, but done is done.

My master plan is to finish at least 12 Ufos through the year. Lofty goals are good 😀

3 done, 9 to go!

I will have new starts too, promise 💓 

 Take care and sew on, wherever you are 



  1. Very pretty, a happy table topper! Be careful and don't spill any ice tea!

  2. oh das ist schön geworden, viel spass beim ufo abbau, ich bin auch gerade dabei. noch ein schönes wochenende. liebe grüsse elfriede

  3. A lovely table topper. Hugs, xx

  4. Lovely!!! I love red and white together!

  5. Your block makes a very pretty table topper.

  6. Oh I can't take credit for finishing project but Kris is still running the program that she and peg had going..... Lovely table Topper

  7. I think your table topper looks great. Love red and white and quilts.

  8. Me gusta mucho como ha quedado tu mini quilt, el acolchado genial

  9. Great idea to use the block "as is" ... love the block and it it looks great as a table mat/topper, perfect use...

  10. Fun to see you on Zoom! Lovely small quilt, perfect for a veranda.

  11. I love your quilt and the plan to finish twelve ufos. How are you coming with it? You are inspiring me to dust off my sewing machine. I have a bit of a mess in my craft room, because we are doing some painting. Things are piled all over my sewing table!
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage!


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