Sunday, December 04, 2022

Making plans


Maybe it it the season, maybe it is my age - I need to organize my projects and my fabrics. 

I want all my fabrics to be at hand when I need them, not tied up in a gazillion projects. 

I have given this not to old English Paper Piecing project priority over the last week, and now the piecing is soon done. Only 4 more squares to go, before I will have to find a border fabric and applique the whole piece of EPP down. 

I have 69 of 72 blocks done for this project - Raspberry Tea Quilt by Sue Daley. 
I have recently worked out a plan for the 3 last blocks + joining of blocks + quilting. 
I want to be done with the whole quilt before to long. I have set a time limit in my head. I will reveal it at a later point, not now.

I hope your weekend has been nice - ours has been nice and busy 💕



  1. both of those quilts look really nice - have fun stitching. It is always so nice to know where the fabric and supplies are in advance

  2. Two very beautiful works in progress.

  3. oh da sind ja zwei tolle quilts bald fertig.viel spass beim nähen
    lg elfriede

  4. Both are lovely projects. It was good to see you on Zoom.

  5. Raspberry Tea is very pretty but the first project in blues really caught my eye, mainly because blues are my favorite. Happy stitching!

  6. Anonymous10:59 pm

    such pretty projects hanne!

  7. oops i think the 'anonymous' is me!


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