Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Finally a finish


One of my daughters had a wish for new wool socks before Christmas. 
I did not manage to get them done, but now they are finished and ready to use 💜

Last year I decided that I shall not have more than 2 knittings going at a time, and I have kept up with that. 
I started this sweater during fall, but it got put to the side. I did not realize how the yarn would behave. 
It is heavy on the needles, a cotton / linen / viscose mix,  and I am sure this will stretch so I will have a knee long sweater before I know it. 
I have already shortened the bodice by 8 cm, but need to frog stitch some more and cut another 5 cm on the length. 
I am not tall, 160 cm / 5 foot 3 inches, and I do not feel comfortable in oversized clothes, even if the fashion industry is in to that.
I started an arm a couple of nights ago, and got the inspiration to work on this project again. I have to finish the bodice before I can decide on the length of the arms.

Never a dull moment 💜

Have a good day, wherever you are 



  1. Your daughter's socks are so pretty, I love the color and texture! I hope your sweater turns out ok. You are definitely not very tall and I understand about not wanting a baggy sweater. Happy stitching!

  2. The socks are so beautiful and feminine looking! Your sweater looks beautiful too. I sure wish I knew how to knit!

  3. lovely knitting projects....hand knit sox are so nice!

  4. The sock pattern is pretty, and I like your version of the heel. Good luck with adjusting the sweater size!

  5. Love the socks, such a pretty colour. I hope your knitting doesn't stretch too much. It is a lovely pattern.

  6. Pretty socks. Love the colours of both projects - hope the jumper yarm behaves and doesn't stretch too much.


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