Wednesday, February 01, 2023

My February todo list - and looking back on January


Making plans and making (sort of) deals with myself really pays off - no doubth about it!

I have made an average of 1 block a day since January 1st, so now I have 31 new blocks. I am pretty proud of that, if I may say so. 

I had 13 blocks from last year too. This miniature from Kathy Schmitz is 72 blocks if I use all the blocks in the book, which I intend to do, so now I have 28 blocks to go. One for every day in February.
I am never ever bored, in case you wondered. I do not think you did 😁😍

This photo was from last week. I need quite a lot of triangles when I start joining the blocks. I have not decided on the colour yet.

My sweater is coming along too 💕
It is the only knitting projects I have going right now, and I have cracked the code, by ripping back the body  another 5 cm (2 inches) and worked on both arms - about half of both -  to get the pattern to be easier to follow. I am done with the back and am now working on the front piece from the armhole up.

This project hardly got any work done on it through January. Better luck this month?

I did find another project I did not do anything with in January - Raspberry Tea, by Sue Daley. I hope to get some work done on that one too, before to long.

This pile of pink blocks represents 2 care quilt tops I need to finish before next weekend.

I wish I could do with less sleep. It will be a happy busy month 😁🙈

Take care 💞



  1. I'm impressed with your sweater - I have to keep mine very simple so I can finish it without mistakes - I have the book of patterns for the embroidery hexies but will I ever make them?

  2. Lots of loveliness happening at your place. You tiny stitched hexies are beautiful. And that knitting!

  3. Your Kathy Schmitz blocks look fantastic. They are such a delight to stitch. I should get motivated to quilt my one.

  4. Oh you are making me want to go and dig out my Kathy Schmitz books...I'm sure I have that's very tempting to start something new now!

  5. I wish I could sleep! Little sleep makes it hard to focus lol. The KS little stitcheries are sweet. The knitting is growing and loving your blue and white quilt.


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